There are more slaves today than there were from the 16th to the 19th century

According to his book Modern Slavery , some extracts of which were published in The Guardian , there are now 21 million slaves in the world, twice as many as in the sixteenth and nineteenth century. 13 million, and that would be a very profitable activity:

Every year, it is estimated that this traffic brings $ 150 billion to farmers. For each slave, annual profits can range from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand euros per year, “ says the economist in his book. To carry out this study, Siddharth Kara investigated for fifteen years in 51 countries and interviewed nearly 5,000 victims of slavery.

According to him, trafficking in human beings has become the third most lucrative market on the black market, behind the sale of arms and drug trafficking. For the life of a man or a woman pays off to the one who exploits it.

This increase is explained by the ease of the exchange of human beings by the development of transport and modern technologies:

“Today, slaves can be bought, exploited and thrown away in a relatively short period of time, while securing huge profits for their exploiters. The absence of a comprehensive response to this problem allows the practice to persist. As long as slavery is not seen as a way to exploit the workforce, the reality will not change, “ says the author of Modern Slavery .

In addition, the report shows that slavery at the level of intimate relationships is the most widespread and largely dominates the human trafficking industry. These victims represent 5% of the total number of slaves, and generate on average $ 36,000 per year per person. And according to a UN report on human trafficking, the sectors where millions of people and children are exploited are numerous: child soldiers, begging or forced marriages, organ trafficking, sale of children …

“Slavery is happening right before our eyes,” he says. “It’s particularly common in the construction, agriculture, fishing, and domestic industries.” Sections quite isolated where the exploitation of the man by the man can follow its course without being really worried.

A sad and alarming finding that modern slavery is still not considered by the authorities.

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