The rights of women engraved on tablets dating back 4000 years

While for some, the rights of women seem to be a discovery, Turkey has just reminded everyone that the concept does not date yesterday. Archaeologists have found, on a large site of the country, tablets 4000 years old mentioning such rights.

The essence of the day

In spite of those who question their current relevance, women’s rights have been around for a long time. Very. Long time. Long before modern civilizations established these as essential conditions of life in society (through Declarations of Rights, Constitutions or other Civil Codes), others had already found it useful to engrave the inalienable rights attached to the female sex. .

In marble, or more exactly in the rocks of the Kültepe-Kaniş-Karum settlement, a vast archaeological site located in the province of Kayseri in Turkey . According to Today Turkey, which reports the information, archaeologists have indeed discovered a series of written testimonies, compiled on ancestral tablets buried in this place dating from the Bronze Age .

Women’s rights, adoption, marriage … An unprecedented testimony

The recovered tablets, 4000 years old, would offer a precious glimpse of all the cultural wealth of the 70,000 people who occupied the place at the time. Some of them would indeed mention social data concerning the rights of women, but also the legislation on marriage contracts. “From the rights of women to the adoption of children, or arranged marriages at birth, the newly excavated tablets include a whole set of social and civilizational data from pre-ancient Anatolia,” commented Fikri. Kulakoğl from Ankara University to Turkey Today.

Archaeologists have discovered a series of written testimonies, mentioning women’s rights, compiled on ancestral tablets 4000 years old.

And the specialist says: “There is a touching letter from a woman to her husband, or a letter of complaint from another about her mother-in-law. For example, it would be impossible to find such data in the archives of the Ottoman Empire “.

While the majority of the tablets found are commercial data, the mention of social issues on some of them is an important archaeological data for the region. So much so that the Kültepe site could soon be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List .

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