The right person will knock on your door when you least expect it

It will probably be a hazardous encounter in a place where you’re not going, a stroke of luck that will take you to the meeting that changes your life forever. No matter how you encounter it, it will certainly be an experience that will change your life and that you will remember all your life.

You will not expect much at first because you are used to things that do not work for you. You are used to ephemeral relationships that easily slip through your fingers. You make the least effort to protect yourself from people. You are tired of heartbroken because of your past experiences. You are afraid that this will lead to a possible grief that you have promised to avoid at all costs.

The thing you will learn soon is that the right person will give you all the good feelings.

He will do everything possible to give you priority and support you in everything you do. It will make your heart beat faster and give you a big smile for all the right reasons. He will grow to love the person you are and will be proud to be with you. He will love you deeply in the present and will want to make it a reality forever.

You will believe every word he utters because he will give you no reason to doubt him. There will not be a hint of confusion or uncertainty in your mind. You will feel both nervousness and excitement for what the future holds for you and him. Thinking of him will give you a feeling of warmth that will spread a smile on your face. You will feel serene and calm thinking of him because his dedication to you will be unwavering and constant.

Never accept someone who does not fight for you and who does not try to give you the best of himself. Never silence your voice when you feel that something is wrong but you can not put your finger on it. Never diminish your value and never think that you need love to feel complete.

If someone you are dating keeps you in the gray zone, have the courage to put an end to this ambiguous arrangement.

If you must tolerate toxic and less than ideal behaviors, move away immediately. If you can not imagine something long-term with him, listen to the voice inside you telling you to leave. If you have to wonder if it’s the right one, it probably is not. If you feel desperate at the prospect of love, enjoy the important people in your life and accept that love is not only found in a romantic partner. If you start to feel jaded by romantic relationships, maybe you should take a break and focus on yourself to get started.

Because somewhere deep within you, you know that love is not supposed to be so difficult and scary. He is not supposed to have more downs than heights, nor to be composed of more tears than smiles, and more negativity than positivity. You are not supposed to be content with not finding the one you are looking for.

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