The reality of drugs and the plurality of healing methods.

  • The main effect of all drugs, even those whose activity is scientifically proven, is a subjective effect, called ” placebo ” (in Latin, “I please”), whose magnitude still surprises after fifty years of exercise medical. Being cared for and absorbing some pills of perlimpinpin are enough to cause some degree of lull in symptoms.
  • All drugs , especially the most active, but sometimes the most harmless, carry risks , especially if they are:
  • associated with many: the more they are, the more the risks increase.
  • given too long.
  • at too high doses.
  • especially in children, the elderly and people weakened by one or two concomitant diseases.

Above all, medicine is not just about drugs. They are often only a Noah’s mantle or a Nessus tunic.

The quality of the personal relationship of trust between patient and doctor plays, must play, should always have the essential role.

The reality of drugs

We can not accept any longer that circulate:

  • 4 0% of risk drugs , responsible for at least 100 000 deaths since 1985 and tens of thousands of serious complications every year.
  • 40% of ineffective drugs , which relate to the very powerful pharmaceutical industry profits in solid gold and very unethical, much higher than those of other industries, but which represent for the country a squandering of 10 to 15 billion euros per year , billions that would be more useful for the reduction of the social debt (200 000 billion euros) and / or hospitals now drained, maternity, maternal and child protection, the care of the dependency , old age, all physical or mental disabilities and psychiatric illnesses. (excerpt “guide of 4000 useful, useless or dangerous drugs)

The reality of drugs and the plurality of healing methods.

2. The plurality of healing methods.

Attention, the different healing techniques are not intended to replace the medical treatment determined by a qualified doctor. Although they are very safe therapies, it is nevertheless important to seek the opinion of a professional in case of doubt on a medical point.

If happiness is the sum of all misfortunes that have not happened to us, would not health be the sum of diseases that have not affected us?

No, health is much more than that! There are two ways to approach life: we can consider ourselves helpless in the face of events, or we can try to understand what is happening and behave responsibly. So is it about health problems. One can play the role of “victim of life” and constantly seek the miracle cure that will heal us. Or, we understand that the majority of our health problems are related to our lifestyle that is not in harmony with nature. Our problems are warning signs that invite us to take charge of our health and to be in control of our own lives.

We are at a time when more and more people are interested in natural therapies. By bringing together medical knowledge, research in natural therapies and elements of very old methods of health, we are broadening the approach that should give everyone greater freedom of choice.

Healthy living is not just about following recipes, no matter how tough they are. It is primarily a question of attitude. In deciding to take control of one’s health, one is putting in motion extraordinary resources that will free us from the burden of pain, stress and illness.

We open the door to the realization of its potential and its full development on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual.

We are born with a hereditary baggage and an energy potential that we own. The many common symptoms such as discomfort and pain are all signals that the body is trying to restore a state of health. We must know how to recognize its weaknesses and its limits, and remedy it before falling into the cycle of chronic disorders.

Health requires close collaboration between all the mechanisms of our organism and our consciousness. By pleasant or unpleasant sensations, our body informs us of the way we take care of it. By being attentive to his messages, we can restore a much more harmonious relationship with ourselves, our loved ones, and everything around us.

In oriental medicine, it is considered that the disease caused by an imbalance of energy flow. As much as a difference between the opposites is necessary to produce a movement of energy, so much disorder in this exchange can break the harmony of the environment and be translated, in nature by a cataclysm, into the human body through pain and disease.

An imbalance in the energy flow of the organs is felt by the whole body as unpleasant and is most often reflected by a pain signal.

The effectiveness of any remedy can be greatly improved by respecting a number of simple rules.

  • A quality diet, balanced and moderate
  • Regular exercise
  • The regular practice of relaxation
  • Proper breathing
  • A sincere religious (spiritual) practice

Are essential not only for physical health, but also for mental and emotional health.

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