The Portuguese galley: If you see that on a beach, do not touch it!

In the collective imagination the most dangerous creatures are represented as monstrous beings with huge jaws, long sharp teeth sharpened like razors and infrared red eyes that glow in the dark. But in the wild natural environment, the danger has countless facets and for some we only know it when it is too late.

A Brazilian man who wandered by the sea to harvest shells saw something really weird. He first thought that tourists had left rubbish on the beach, certainly a plastic bag. Uncertain, he approached and leaned in to take a closer look. Then, this mysterious thing started to move.

What is this strange creature?

She is currently known as the Portuguese galley, known for her incredibly painful sting that can be fatal.

It’s not a type of jellyfish, but rather a siphonophore, which are creatures made of other smaller creatures, like a coral reef.

Their tentacles can reach 165 feet in length. What is longer than a blue whale.

Most of the stinging deaths are caused by the panic of drowning swimmers as they attempt to reach the shoreline. But if you do not panic, you can survive them.

The Portuguese galley

Their name comes from their shape caused by air bubbles reminiscent of the Portuguese warships.

Even though they live in the ocean, they can not swim and they travel in groups thanks to the wind and the current that allows them to “sail”.

As dangerous as it is, they are also very beautiful and almost enigmatic. Take a closer look. What an extraordinary creature! The imagination of nature has no limit.

Watch the strange sea creature found by a man on a beach in Olivenca, Bahia, Brazil.

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