The photo of a dog at the funeral of his master goes around the web

When Jonathan Palmer photographed the funeral of a policeman. He did not expect one of his photos to go around the web. For Jonathan Palmer, a photojournalist, it was a day of work like the others. That day, he was to capture footage of the funeral of Jason Ellis, a 33-year-old Kentucky (USA) police officer shot dead on May 25 after an ambush that went wrong.

“In the world of the press, you cover the best part of life and the worst part of life,” said the professional objectively.

Dog at the funeral of his master: A moving canine procession

Having decided, out of respect, not to photograph Jason Ellis’ family in mourning, Jonathan Palmer moved away from the cemetery to capture other moments of the funeral service. It was then that he saw about fifty dogs lined up along the path that the coffin was going to cross to get to his last home. ” I was crying. I could not see clearly at that time, “said the compassionate photojournalist.

Jonathan Palmer photographed this canine procession and officers leaning over the coffin to kiss him. But among all these images, only one stands out from the others: that of Figo, the German Shepherd of the deceased who, having hitherto kept away from his fellows, rushed on the coffin as if he had felt that his master was inside.

Dog at funeral

“It looked like the dog was aware of what was happening,” recalls Jonathan Palmer. “His manners, his posture … He went to the coffin and put his front paws on it. It was as if he was inspecting it. Or as if he wanted to say a last goodbye to his partner.

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