The meaning of the half-moon shape on your nails revealed

The white area around the root of your fingernail, known as the lunula, which in Latin means “small moon”, has the role of protecting the blood vessels that are under the fifth base layer of your epidermis.

It is very important not to damage your lunula in any way, or all your fingernail could grow distorted.

In addition, new discoveries in alternative medicine have discovered that your lunula may be able to reveal some aspects of your overall health.

In traditional Chinese medicine, your lunula can actually reveal your current state of health. If there is a reddish spot on your lunula, you may be suffering from cardiovascular disease.

The meaning of the half-moon shape on your nails

If your lunula seems non-existent, it may be considered a potential sign of anemia and diabetes. However, the narrowed lunula could also be caused by a slow metabolism and large amounts of toxins in your body.

Traditional Chinese medicine also thinks that your lunula is a representation of your energy levels.

It would be great if you were full of energy, and small, if not completely gone if you were running out of energy or malnourished.

A healthy person has between 8 and 10 lunettes with a predominantly white color on both hands.

In addition, if your thumbs are the only fingers to have a lunula, you are likely to have low physical energy and get sick more often.

Just like hair and skin, the nail can reveal things about our health. That’s why you have to pay attention to some details that might alert you. And one of the components of the so-called lunula nail can reveal a possible health problem.

Here are the things you should remember about this half-moon on your nails:

  • The lunula is a very sensitive part of the finger that must not be damaged, moreover, if pressed or pressed, it hurts us.
  • Lunule comes from the word lunula in Latin meaning little moon, name inspired by its half-crescent shape.
  • It is white in normal times and this color is due to the fifth basal layer of the epidermis.
  • If the lunula is bluish, it could be a sign of diabetes or Wilson’s disease. The blue color is due to the copper that accumulates and intoxicates the brain and liver cells.
  • When she tends to turn red, the person may be suffering from heart disease.
  • The yellow color of a fingernail or lunula would be a sign of fungus or onychomycosis.
  • The ivory or white color of the lunula is a sign of excellent health.
  • If the lunula is small, it is usually a sign of indigestion due to slow metabolism and toxin accumulation in the body.
  • When it is damaged, the whole nail can be damaged too.
  • The absence of a lunula can be a sign of anemia or malnutrition.
  • The more pronounced and trained your lunula is, the healthier you are and have energy. On the other hand, if you have the lunula on your thumb, it means that you lack energy, which could make you sick.

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