The importance of breathing

A function as simple and underestimated that we do not even think of everyday. It’s taken for granted and yet … ask an asthmatic about how it feels in times of crisis, listen to someone who has cystic fibrosis or obstructive pulmonary disease, and you’ll understand how important that function is.

Importance of breathing

What breathing brings:

  • Improving your breathing range on both breathing and exhalation improves longevity
  • Breathing better can bring more oxygen to the heart and improve its functions
  • Breathing properly improves our posture and our alignments
  • Better breathing gives us more energy and improves our stamina
  • Breathing improves our blood circulation
  • Breathing properly helps lower blood pressure
  • Conscious breathing helps to relax and calm the nervous system
  • Controlled breathing brings more oxygen to the brain and helps in its essential functions.
  • Good breathing allows for greater clarity of mind
  • Helps greater concentration
  • Breathing performs a natural massage of your organs and bowels improving their respective functions, such as peristalsis.

And the list continues…

When we see the efforts made by some and some of us to lose some extra pounds or the time spent in front of one or screens to say: “no one contacted me”, or “I do not know why I go on Facebook, there is never anything “(believe me I hear that often), or even the hours spent playing Candy Crush Farm Saga or Domi-nations, I tell myself that all these lost moments could have to be used to improve an essential function of our organism, a primordial actor of our well-being: breathing!

So yes, it is my duty to make you return to this essential act at each session.

Do yourself some good today and decide to take a moment for yourself, every day, for a few minutes, to BREATHE AWARENESS. You have everything to gain.

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