The extraordinary diet of Dr. Seignalet

The extraordinary diet of Dr. Seignalet. Dr. Jean Seignalet died of pancreatitis on July 13, 2003 (1936-2003), one of my collaborators, was internal hospitals Montpellier (promotion 1962). He was a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier, director of the Histocompatibility Laboratory from 1969 to 1989 at the Center for Transfusion and Hematology.

A tireless scientist and researcher, he was a graduate and highly competent in three areas: gastroenterology, immunology and rheumatology. He had plenty of skills and books to be a tenured professor, but jealousy and ill-intentioned maneuvers prevented him from doing so. He is, of all the academics of the faculty, the one who has left the most positive marks for public health.

He is a signatory of 230 national and international publications and two major books: “Grouping HLA in Rheumatology” in 1985, prefaced by Jean Dausset, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1980, and “Food or Third Medicine” in 1996 that I I have prefaced, constantly reissued until 2012, translated into Spanish and Italian.

He was, in Montpellier, pioneer in the development of many organ transplants: kidney, liver, heart, pancreas … allowing to better select and adapt donor to recipient. In the 1980s, he became aware of the importance of nutrition for his health. It is a radical change in his eating habits that allows him to cure a serious depressive syndrome. As one of his rheumatologist students, Jean-Pierre Poinsignon, writes in Grenoble: “He has the intuition that health and nutrition are much more directly linked than we usually think. His past as an immunologist led him to link autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, to diet. He then develops a theory involving certain foods in the outbreak of autoimmune diseases, but also a host of other diseases called “civilization”. “

Jean Seignalet, thanks to his double and very solid scientific, medical and biological culture, acquires a conviction: the extreme importance of human nutrition according to the Hippocratic principle that dates back to 500 BC: “Let your food be your only medicine” .

Dr. Seignalet’s extraordinary diet “Let your food be your only medicine”

His meticulous research based on a solid study of the scientific literature – he knew how to select the best publications in the midst of a very large number without much value – was at the origin of a clinical research applied to more than 2500 patients, followed with patience and rigor. More than quantitative nutrition, it was from the quality of food and their choice that he developed a method of food, which was called Regime Seignalet.

It excludes 2 major foods of our habits: the animal dairy products whatever they are and the gluten responsible for porous porosity, which allows to pass in the body of bad molecules which should have been eliminated.

He adds the suppression of cooking, considering that all cooking methods deteriorate the nutritional qualities of food and engages in a form of crudivorism (raw food) that will be much criticized. He returns to an ancestral dietetics, describing his nutritional model as hypotoxic.

His original concepts, he built them from the clinical findings and individual therapeutic trials without any danger and economic, since it was to change the eating habits of the patient.

In 1992, he tells me about his work and his book. He needed a brave editor. I then propose his book, with a solid argument, to my publisher François Xavier de Guibert, independent of the agribusiness and pharmaceutical lobbies, who agrees to publish it. The word of mouth and the many conferences we gave together or separately made widely known his book become best-seller, “Food or third medicine” that we did not dare then qualify as the first medicine against our colleagues reluctant or aggressive.

Jean Seignalet dies on July 13, 2003 following a cancer of the pancreas largely metastasized to the liver, which makes tell colleagues jealous of his successes that his diet is dangerous.

The extraordinary diet of Dr. Seignalet:

Let’s first look at his findings and results

The effectiveness of the Seignalet Jean Seignalet scheme has paved the way for a global vision of medicine based on sound and original scientific bases. He explains the mechanism of the diseases he encounters with more and more diverse patients. How and why can diet be a causative factor for a chronic disease? His method achieves very good results: more than 91 diseases that, of the 115 observed, have reacted favorably to the diet. They fall into 3 categories: autoimmune diseases, and diseases it calls fouling and elimination.

Of the 2,500 patients he has followed, 2,250 have been significantly improved by the practice of his nutritional method, which corresponds to a certain therapeutic success and confirms the validity of a large part of his scientific reasoning based on hyperpermeability of the intestine. We speak of porous intestine (leaky gut), recognized scientifically now.

The effectiveness of his diet is the best spokesperson for his innovative and groundbreaking scientific theories, thanks largely to the support of voluntary patients he received voluntarily, as well as his numerous readers to testify on the Internet.

His conviction of the extreme importance of nutrition in many pathologies leads him to research in most areas of medicine, but also in biology: rheumatology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, dermatology, ophthalmology, pneumology, oncology, dietetics, and immunology, genetics, anthropology, bacteriology, molecular biology, biology of aging and physiology.

Criticism against the Seignalet method

They are easily removable. We can count three, often repeated by those of our colleagues who do not want to hear about this method and who, obviously, have never tried it with their patients:

  • The improvement you get by drastically changing eating habits has a placebo effect, so it has no scientific value. / This response comes mainly from doctors or specialists rhumato, gastro, geriatricians and even pediatricians … They remain hooked and dependent on protocols delivered and imposed by consensus conferences, manipulated, sponsored mostly by pharmaceutical companies.
  • “This diet did not stop him from having pancreatic cancer.” / This is certainly the most accurate criticism, but it is easy to explain to those who know the functioning of this beautiful gland that we do not respect enough because it is fragile.
  • The suppression of dairy products leads to osteoporosis and therefore to decalcification, bone pain and fractures that are initially invisible and then to genuine fractures that lead to the wheelchair? / They do not know that the best calcium intake is plant calcium, the most absorbed by the intestinal barrier, up to 75% while animal calcium is absorbed at most 40%. This good calcium is that of fruits, vegetables and legumes, as long as they are chewed for a long time, crushed in our “palate of flavors”, before being swallowed.

Our pancreas has two major roles. First, it regulates the blood sugar level thanks to its manufacture of two hormones, one that increases the sugar level when it is lacking, glucagon; the other who lowers it when there is too much, insulin.

Its second role is to manufacture a liter of pancreatic fluid intended primarily to digest the fats of our diet. This liquid contains enzymes that are mostly pre or pro-enzymes that become active only through the action of gastric juice.

Dr. Jean Seignalet knew all this well; he also knew that eating raw foods almost exclusively could force his pancreas. That is why he brought from abroad tablets loaded with enzymes that were supposed to relieve him and help digest both the protein part of meat and more or less hidden fat that they contain. In fact, he was certainly intoxicated with pre-enzymes that tired his pancreas to the point of stimulating dormant cells that multiplied to excess, spreading to the liver and ganglia of the area around the pancreas .

All this does not prevent Jean Seignalet from having been a prophet of modern medicine and from having proposed a method which, we affirm, has largely been proven since its launch.

This is why I agreed to participate, on the subject of Jean Seignalet’s regime, on the television program La quotidien sur France 5 on April 30 at around 12:15 pm. I strongly recommend that you watch this program, or watch it later on the channel’s website.

It remains to regret the premature departure of our dear and original colleague who arrived at the age of retirement but decided to continue his research for many years.

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