The erroneous search for happiness in our current society in a 4-minute video

What is the main purpose of life? Be happy ? If we seek, we are heading in the wrong direction. An animated short film by London artist and animator Steve Cutts explains this in a very relevant way.

The film titled “Happiness” begins by showing young rats running into the race. It is very likely that they are happy to make a difference in the world. Soon, they are caught in the “crazy race”, which is not as comfortable as we would like to believe.

The rats are crushed in the subway, and everyone seems consumed by his “busy life”. When rats do not have to go to work, they buy, thinking that’s what makes them happy.

Rats are so obsessed with the pursuit of happiness that they start spending all their hard-earned money on “things.” After buying tons of bags of new products, a rat throws its purchases and waits for the “black friday” to begin.

Credit: Steve Cutts

As soon as the doors open, there is a real frenzy. It’s a brawl of rats, with limbs and goods flying everywhere. After the end of the event, one of the rats who risked his life to win a television left to buy another new treasure: a car.

With this new vehicle, the rat feels a temporary sense of “happiness”. But reality catches up with him, he begins to realize something disturbing: he is not free. On the contrary, it is part of a system dominated by consumerism.

In a state of disillusionment, the rat begins to drink. Bottle after bottle, he drowns his problems in alcohol. It does not change his situation. In fact, he becomes homeless and poor.

Now officially in depression, the rat turns to a doctor who prescribes pharmaceutical pills. Of course, they are effective at restoring his mind, but the rat becomes dependent and that does not solve the fundamental problem.

Credit: Steve Cutts

Studies have shown that people are happier when they spend time in nature and invest in experiences, not things. Fortunately, this video is there to remind people that they do not need to be caught in the “crazy race” to find happiness.

Watch the 4-minute short film below:

On the contrary, they can invest their time in pursuit of their passion, helping others when the opportunity presents themselves, and learning things on various topics to contribute to the expansion. All these elements are essential for personal growth, which ultimately results in feelings of well-being and satiety.

Happiness will never be acquired by the purchase of goods. With Cutts’ recent video, more people can break free from a system that serves the best interests of business, not people.

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