The effect on health and our vibratory fields of Tibetan bowls

  • – First of all the money for the moon (associated with Monday), – then the iron for Mars (Tuesday), – then, the mercury for the planet Mercury (associated with Wednesday), – then the tin for Jupiter ( associated with Thursday), – as well as copper for Venus (associated with Friday), – also lead for the planet Saturn (associated with Saturday) – and finally gold, the purest metal representing the sun (associated with Sunday ). The bowls made in Nepal have a larger copper composition, which gives them a hue different from those of Tibet. The latter, in turn, have a greater concentration of silver and tin.

This difference accentuates the variety of sounds we draw from it. On the other hand, it is not all the bowls that can be made to sing with a circular movement around the bowl.


Originally, according to legend, it would be nomadic blacksmiths who were followers of Shamanism (principles of Indian healing) who introduced these bowls in Tibet.

Subsequently, they were mainly used by Japanese Buddhists since as far back as the Bronze Age.

These Buddhists claimed that the sounds from these bowls possessed powerful healing properties. It is for this reason that even today’s shamans still consider these sets of sounds, not as a music, but as a SACRED approach to therapeutic properties.


Usually, we assume that we listen to music but in the particular case of Tibetan bowls, we must learn to go beyond listening to reach the sounds with all our cells.

It is not only a question of appreciating the sound harmony, it must be allowed to penetrate in ourselves somehow.

Let’s use a comparison. If instead of just looking at the undulating circles that would form a rock thrown into the water, you could find yourself in the very heart of this water, you would feel the successive arrival of the waves coming to sink gradually against you.

Your perception would be anything but a mere look. It’s the same for the sounds of bowls, they can only act if you make them deeply penetrate into yourself.

This is why we are talking about “sound massage”. Tibetan sounds can only take effect if they penetrate deeply into each of your cells. When the sound reaches the inner core, it re-harmonizes it.


When the whole body is re-harmonized, it finds its balance. Breathing techniques are aimed at the same goal. This reharmonization counterbalances the imbalances responsible for any disease.

Everything in the universe is composed of vibrations: light, air, colors, sounds, in fact all that composes life itself is made of vibrations.

We are constantly subject to dissonances, be they aggressive noises, stress, overwork and, above all, all kinds of anxieties and fears.

Our daily efforts to properly manage these sources of disharmony require a lot of energy from us.

This often leads to an excess of fatigue, gradually becoming both mental and physical exhaustion.

As our immune system is continually bombarded and weakened, it is difficult to maintain its harmony. The result is an imbalance that reduces our ability to respond to virus attacks that all too often lead to disease.


The sounds of Tibetan bowls do not heal you. Above all, they are an instrument par excellence allowing you to release accumulated tensions, harmful to your state of well-being.

Today, if science easily recognizes the benefits of relaxation, it should be the same for Tibetan sound therapy, mainly because it enhances your level of relaxation to a deeper, deeper degree. , due to the fact that you participate in the INNER SPRING of each of your cells being affected by the sounds.


When a wooden rattle (also called a mallet) is hit on the bowl, the sound first harmonizes the heart of your cells. Different sounds, different forces, are applied. Each of these vibrations acts differently, so it is quite difficult for a non-initiate to hit them without knowing their field of repercussion, but it can be learned.

When the rattle revolves around the bowl, this circular motion is called “singing the bowl”. As we have already mentioned, not all bowls sing well. The sound that emerges has often been compared to that of special effects used in cinema, to identify flying saucers.

Even if the association with the saucers was possibly invented from scratch (after all, few people can really say that the saucers really emit a kind of particular sound), the fact remains that the sound emitted by the bowls Singing is practically never used in the development of a usual musical work.

Some people ask us often “Does a sound therapy always give satisfactory results? It is extremely difficult to answer this question, because the effect does not come only from sound, but above all from YOUR INTEREST IN PARTICIPATING it in your well-being.

We have often noticed, my spouse and myself, that certain sounds calm the mind enormously and that they relieve the accumulated stress. But even here, it is difficult to conclude since the level of stress is totally different for each person.

You can have great preferences for some sounds and even strong reluctance for some others. This is in relation to the sound energy emitted and the energetic blockage that this sound collides with.

You do not have to force the therapeutic work. If a particular sound irritates you, we suggest that you put the audition of the sounds as low as possible so that the work is done smoothly. Even if you hear it imperceptibly, the work will be done on the blocking if you have the inner opening to realize it.

On the other hand, if you do not lower the volume and the sound annoys you to the highest point, it is unlikely that any benefit will come as you block the work yourself.


When the bowl is made to sing, this time the work is not only done on the cell itself but on the circulation of your vibratory fields.

We have seven main chakras that serve as energy input to the physical body. Indian shamans have associated seven colors and seven musical notes to each of these chakras.

1. The first chakra is associated with the red color for the care of the genitals but also concerns the vitality in general. It symbolizes what starts and ends.

2. Then, the second chakra is associated with the orange color for the care of the adrenal glands and therefore concerns the digestive functions in particular. It symbolizes areas of helping relationships, support, the desire to team up, in short, collaboration.

3. Then, the third chakra is associated with the yellow color, identified in the center of emotions also called solar plexus. It is the link with the artistic energy, the creativity, the sensitivity, the radiation, the thirst to please and to seduce.

4. Then comes the fourth chakra, which is associated with the green color, which is connected with the energy of the heart, the family, emotional wounds. It also refers to self-esteem, the thirst for freedom and emancipation as well as to love itself.

5. Then, the fifth chakra is associated with the blue color, in relation with the throat thus the sector of the said communications or repressed. Also relates to the need to be heard, understood, loved and accepted by others.

6. The sixth chakra is associated with the indigo color in relation to the third eye, thus the intuition, the premonition, the universe of the spiritual dimension of the being and the soul but also that of the concrete realizations in its ability to project oneself into the fulfillment of one’s life mission.

7. And finally the seventh chakra is associated with the purple color. Located at the top of the head, it is related to wisdom, virtue, humanitarian compassion, spiritual help and the ascension of the inner teacher.

Thus, when the bowl sings, it aims to restore the good circulation of this energy between the chakras. We have noticed that some people love to hear this whirling sound while others feel uncomfortable listening to it.

Again, this is a very personal process, but we have concluded that when you do this work in a period of your life when you are relatively healthy, a cleansing will be done in depth and sometimes your point of fragility will remake precisely surface in order to be expelled from your body. A bit like good sweating is able to release you from certain toxins.

This happened to my spouse and myself as we prepared for the recording of the CD “Meditation by Tibetan Bowls”. Yet, we were both relatively healthy before this step.

We therefore deduced that this physical sensitivity may have resurfaced so that we can become direct witnesses to the REAL therapeutic effects of singing Tibetan bowls, precisely at a time when our immune system was healthy enough to contribute with more of facility to expel such discomforts.

However, it must be said that we had almost abused the sound work since the preparation of the recording had required us an assiduous practice whose bombardment of sounds sustained for more than five consecutive days, for several hours a day, could not it goes without saying that it remains without any curative effect that we had to admit.

This does not mean that we advise people to make such intensive use of listening to sounds, but rather to gradually introduce them through small sessions of occasional relaxations so that this healing effect can be realized more gently and therefore , while flexibility.

It is in this dimension that a few massage practitioners use the sounds of bowls, allowing their clientele to achieve optimum levels of relaxation, to better benefit from their body care session. People who have benefited from this experience have told us that even after the end of their massage, the soft, penetrating sounds of the bowls continued to exert vibratory waves throughout their body. As a result, they could not help but be even more aware of it because of the tangible effect they felt.

This effect is also noticeable when the bowl that sings is placed around other bowls possessing the same properties since the vibrations tend to blackmail the other bowls by resonance. It is therefore not surprising that it is the same with all of our internal organs.


The comments of six different participants in Tibetan bowling sessions are as follows:

– »I deeply feel a greater unity with myself, as if I felt more connected with all the other surrounding creations. “

– Another says: “I feel a lot of satisfaction and even rapture that comes close to a great feeling of love for all that is, for all that lives.

This connection with the universe prevents me from feeling fragile, vulnerable or rejected because I feel that I am intimately part of everything. “

– Another also: »When I listen to the sounds, it’s as if I myself become a vibratory wave, so I feel like merging with them. “

– Another testimony: “I realized that the experience becomes much more powerful as soon as I join breaths both slow and deep. “

– Another person: “Sometimes, the emotion becomes so strong that tears come to my eyes but I let them flow silently and then comes a great inner peace. “

– One last comment: »I have, how to say, really the impression of rocking my soul. “


According to the ancients, the sounds of archaic music had the function of transmitting an energy, a kind of vital connotation, possessing a psychic power with medicinal virtues on the nervous centers.

Today, a scientific experiment was conducted with greenhouse plants. Results: the plants receiving classical music grew almost twice as fast and found them more bushy, more colorful than those in observation having been left without music.

Moreover, depending on the genre of music, we did not necessarily obtain the same results. It turned out that “heavy metal” music gave chaotic results of disoriented shoots when they were not simply rickety, atrophied, and composed of bland colors.

A similar experiment was also performed by farmers who played classical music to their cows. They claimed that they were less nervous, fell less often sick and that their milk production was 27% higher than previous productions. The music is not without effect.

The Chinese use tubular bells that emit very soft sounds by clashing. They place them near the doors of their homes to ward off evil spirits. This is for them a protective feng shui principle. According to them, if these sounds (endowed with a great sweetness) irritate you, it is perhaps that you would need the help of good spirits Ah! Ah! Ah!

According to some scientific research, the sounds penetrating our energetic structure can, by resonance, leave their influences there for more than thirty-six hours.


The energy emitted by the Tibetan bowls in particular, aims to touch the mental body to re-harmonize with the etheric body (also called energetic body), so that the aura is cleansed of negative forms of thought that it would have accumulated consciously or unconsciously.

These singing bowls, as well as the Tibetan bells, are capable of uttering so-called penetrating sounds because they produce sounds acting a little like a mantra, penetrating into the etheric structure of the listener for unblock the energy nodes and thus reaching the very interior of his physical body.

A mantra is a set of repeated continual sounds that release thought in order to open the field of consciousness to a higher level.

Sound, whether simply pleasant to hear or specifically curative in nature, has a very special mission: it was created as a support for the elevation of the soul in order to reach and maintain what is there has more beautiful, more Divine, more sacred inside ourselves.

Music is in a way the shortest way to our SUPERIOR CONSCIOUSNESS, to our Divine Light. It is the search for fusion with the Supreme Soul. This is most sincerely the most beautiful spiritual experience we wish you.

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