The effect of the laptop on ants will make you cold in the back

First in Belgium: studies at the Universit├ę Libre de Bruxelles show clearly that GSM waves affect the memory and response to ant colony pheromones, and that they degrade the motility and protozoan cell membrane.

The negative effects of the mobile phone are starting to be known, but who would have thought that this device we use every day could be as harmful to ants? Scientists have decided to do research to learn more about the effects harmful mobile phones on health. For that, they exposed ants to waves of smartphones and what they discovered is quite terrifying.

Thus, ants were quickly disoriented, GSM waves directly affecting their nervous system, preventing them from moving normally. And if they recover some of their abilities once the device disconnected, if they stay too long near the phone, they eventually die.

The effect of the laptop on ants will make you cold in the back video:


A discovery that makes us think because the cells of our ears, regularly in contact with smartphones, are also very fragile. That is why it is important not to keep your phone too close to you and avoid making long calls by sticking your device against your ear.

In another series of experiments [3], all the organizational capacity of the colony has been affected. Under the effect of the waves, the ants follow very little their pheromone track, just come on areas marked with their pheromone and misbehave towards their pheromone alarm. Moreover, subjected to waves, ants do not recruit congeners and are unable to return to the nest after finding food.

Before exposure After exposure (1 V / m)

At the end of both of these two series of experiments, the societies had deteriorated: the ants walked with difficulty, ate little, died; the larvae did not grow anymore and even the queens died. A situation that is not unlike the decline of beehives suffering from CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) currently observed globally [4]

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