The difference between giving up love and letting it go

Maybe you are just getting out of a bad relationship and you need to turn the page, or maybe you gave up on love a long time ago. No matter what your situation may be, maybe this point of view on love will help you during your journey. Love can look like a battlefield, a real war against your own happiness. It may look like the biggest cloud, or the deepest wound in your soul. It may look like something liberating, or asphyxiating.

We all want love, but sometimes we forget that love has a cost. It does not just mean butterflies and rainbows; sometimes it means blood, sweat and tears. It means sacrifices and commitment, courage and compromise. It means being ready to be in the front line and appear in your most authentic form. Sometimes the magnitude of what love implies can overwhelm us, forcing us to retreat and give up everything.

We naturally want to escape the pain, but when it comes to love, we can not free ourselves from discomfort forever. We can not lock ourselves forever in a room with steel walls and shelter ourselves from the whole world. Even though love can hurt, it can also heal. It can break your heart, but it can also repair it.


Okay, let’s start by giving up love. To renounce means to lock yourself up. It means giving up loving, instead of convincing yourself that true love does not exist. It means accepting a life of hatred and loneliness, because when you give up the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlove, you give up hope. You accept that love does not exist, so you are less satisfied. You just feel a constant emptiness in your chest, feel numb and lifeless. Without love, we can not survive. So when you give up, you die of a slow and painful death. You end your life while existing on this planet, and this seems much worse than death.

None of us can truly grasp the magnitude of love because we do not have all the answers. However, we do not have a body with arms to entangle someone else. We have a heart that wants connection, intensity and passion. We have stories on the tip of the tongue that need to be told, and basically we want to open ourselves up to someone. We want someone to listen to us, discover us, understand us. We want romance, commitment, security and honesty.

We want someone to make us feel so good, that we will have the impression that love simplifies everything. We all have that deep desire more, so why are we turning our backs on this opportunity?

More than 7 billion people live on this planet, and right now, many are heartbroken, scared, and alone. You could be one of those people, listen if you’re hurt. Do not give up on love, because by doing this you will give up the chance to really connect to another at a deep level. Shallow relationships will only temporarily and temporarily satisfy your body and mind, and they will leave you feeling empty at the end of the day.

To really feel alive, we need love, and a lot. Perhaps instead of giving up love, you can instead try to let him go?

To leave love means that you still believe in him, but you need to let him go. This applies to the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend whose pictures you still watch every night. You obviously want that feeling to come back, so you do not want to totally give up on love. You want to let a person go, so that you can heal. To let go of love means liberation, whereas to renounce love means imprisonment. Freeing yourself from a toxic relationship creates space for the right person to enter your life, while giving up love closes the doors to everyone, regardless of their position on love and life.

So, the next time you feel threatened or hurt by love, ask yourself this question: “Will I let a single person or situation make me completely give up on love, or can I let that person go while keeping the possibility of loving another person in my heart? “

Love can live even in the midst of pain, but it can not live in a heart full of resentment.

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