The body is kept alive by an energy flow called vital energy

The body is kept alive by an energy flow called vital energy. This energy maintains the body in a perfect state of health, the normal condition of the human being. In this state of health, we feel the well-being and joy of living.

Each of us has a potential of individual energy, variable according to his achievements since birth. It increases or decreases depending on our lifestyle physically and emotionally. The lack of vital energy causes failures in the functioning of the body.

All vital vital functions are governed by this intelligent and reliable inner energy that makes body life possible.

This vital intelligence, which controls all the activities of the body, performs billions of functions at the same time without our being aware of it. We can not consciously stop these vital vital processes like the beating of our heart, for example.

Self-healing, a natural capacity of the human body, depends on the vivacity of this energy. It is an intelligence that puts in place processes to restore the good functioning of the body when there is imbalance. This intelligence goes beyond the level of understanding of our mind. Just observe the process of scarring a wound to see this intelligence at work. Another example of expression of this vital intelligence: fever. She is there to cleanse the body of all that is undesirable. The more vital a person possesses, the less his body tolerates the accumulation of toxins or any cause of imbalance.

These vital symptoms are not understood by medicine. What medicine takes for pathological phenomena are often only symptoms connected with the expression of vital intelligence.

The relentless medical effort to suppress these vital symptoms causes tremendous damage. The result is the installation of chronic and degenerative diseases. The return to better health is possible if we give the body the means to recharge in vital energy. This return to health often goes through crises or “acute diseases” These events are necessary to allow the body to self-balance and recover.

Do not give in to fears, let the body regenerate without upsetting it.

What is the origin of life energy?

This energy is of a spiritual nature. It exists beyond its physical manifestations. When we are anchored in the present moment, it is possible to feel all this vital flow that emanates from within us.

The magnetizers, the healers, the acupuncturists help us above all to drain the flow of our own energy, but it is always a question of “crutches” which, like all the remedies, can prove to be transitory useful.

Increase your vital capital

It goes without saying that only a healthy life can maintain or increase its potential for vital energy. Sleep, relaxation and meditation recharge our batteries. Breathing, preferably in the open air and the sun, fills us with energy. Breathing is a function on which we can have a direct action at any time.

Whenever we fill our lungs with air, we at the same time vitalis our organism with a vital principle called prana. Praana is life. We breathe life.

The sun feeds us. We have been taught to be afraid of the sun while it is vital to our health. While avoiding excessive exposure to hot hours, let’s breathe, move our bodies, walk barefoot on grass, sand, earth and thank the sun.

A living food, so mostly raw, is essential to maintain our energy at a good level.

To avoid being stripped of our vitality, we will have to flee as much as possible the sources of electromagnetic pollution. (antenna relay, wifi, mobile phone continuously operating close to the body, etc.)

The solar plexus is the main source of vital energy. This center of energy constitutes the axis of encounter of the universal spirit with the physical. Consequently, it is at this level that the universal is differentiated into the individual, that is, into each of us. When the solar plexus undergoes no blockage, it radiates life, energy and vitality to all parts of the body. At that moment, the body is full of vigor and health.

This radiation of the solar plexus is disturbed by negative emotions. When our inner sun does not generate enough energy to vitalize the body, the influx of life and energy slows down or crashes and is the cause of most diseases of the human race.

As a result, our way of thinking has a decisive influence. It is therefore clear that the fact of letting our inner light shine will remove the shadows that disrupt the flow of the solar plexus. To shine our light necessarily passes through the energy of the heart. So, the best vitamin is vitamin love.

Therefore, at every moment of our day, let us be aware how our states of being, our emotions are determining in the increase or decrease of our vital energy. Let’s always keep in mind that negative emotions, conflicts, inner tensions, fears block or annihilate this energy of life. Feel how much the moods always positive, happy, Love, humor make us vibrate in high frequencies beneficial. It is important to live authentically according to your feelings .Do not condemn physical desires if they are authentic, that is to say not emanating from certain perversions or social decadences.

In conclusion, to circulate our vital energy, let us be in harmony with ourselves. To be in agreement with who we really are at the bottom of ourselves connects us to the Universal Spirit. This reconnection with the Universal Spirit fills us with that life energy that is Love, the true fuel of our energy. Vital energy is universal and intelligence. It permeates everything that lives. Science can not breathe life into it.

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