The best ways to give an orgasm to women, according to women

“Let me know how much you want me. But do not do anything. Tell me, but do not touch me. I must come to you. And I’ll come to you, if I feel like it enough. But first, I have to struggle, to reach the stage where I recognize that I feel like it and be brave enough to do it. If I feel forced into anything, you will never see me again.

Tell me by message, whisper it in my ear in public, tell me with your eyes. It does not matter how, but just tell me and leave. I’ll want to rip your clothes off at the next opportunity. “

Ask her openly what she wants

Many men let their egos direct their intimate lives, and many women feel nervous when they express what they want. As if it was wrong to tell a man that he did something wrong.

A blogger wrote:

“We surround this type of communication with shame and vulnerability. First of all, since we are young we are told that these are naughty things that we must not talk about. In fact, we can not even get in trouble when we talk about it. “

It seems we still have a long way to go with women’s fun, but blogs like this one are equipped to deliver the secrets of orgasm to women.

The best ways to give an orgasm to women, according to women

be patient

Orgasms can take anywhere from two minutes to an hour (or more), so be patient with women, and have fun every second that you give her pleasure.

One user said, “It takes a while. Sometimes I masturbate for 45 minutes before having my orgasm. “

Another pointed out that “concerning female orgasm, patience is the key. “

Be nice

Of course, in intimate classes, you do not learn to give pleasure to a woman, and many men tend to be far too brutal.

There are 8000 nerve endings in a clitoris, and if you touch it brutally, there is no chance for you to gradually make the pleasure.

A woman wrote:

“When you come on me, start with my pussy. Embrace it gently, then concentrate on my clit. Be sweet. I repeat, be gentle.

Another exclaimed, “My nipple is not just a radio button,” she says.

“When you start touching a breast, it gives a little fun, just keep it that way, do not speed up. My nipple is not a piece of dough that you are trying to knead. My nipple is not the radio button you turn to try to find the right station. “

Do not stop kissing her

For one reason or another, once a person starts to have an intimate relationship, men stop kissing women.

What people do not realize is that kissing awakens the senses of women, and women on the blog stress this point.

A woman wrote:

Kiss me a lot. Kissing tends to be the first thing to do when someone cares more about his gear than shared experience. Kissing me will make me feel like more than a vagina and will really make me wet (which will be good for us two later, believe me).

Do not point your tongue, in any case

This is the number one rule of the oral report. I have never met a woman who liked the sensation of a sharp tongue violently touching her clit.

A user wrote:

The circles with your tongue are fine. I hate flicking. I see it all the time in porn and I do not understand. I hate when your tongue becomes very hard and pointed at the end, leave the big and slightly firm. “

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