The benefits of knitting, the new therapy

It had been abandoned, too connoted “granny”. He reappears in clubs, workshops or a cup of tea. Soothing rhythm and pleasure to do, knitting is a real miracle cure against stress. Even when you are a beginner!

This is an activity that you can practice sitting in your chair or enjoying the morning sun on a park bench in your city. You can also knit in a subway train, at the bus stop while waiting for the bus, while listening to the radio

This 28-year-old woman knitted 6 scarves and two sweaters in three months. A very good manual performance for this creative of an advertising agency, who talks about her work with the pride she reserved before to her professional achievements.

“Last year, I accumulated overwork at work and disappointment in love. While listening to tell her my galleys, my best friend was knitting. Seeing it soothed me, it made me want to put myself … A real revelation, to the point that we both talk about “tricotherapy”! As soon as I took my needles, my anguish subsided, it’s as if I rocked myself! Today, I have a new fiancé, but I continue knitting, it has become my favorite antistress. “

Having active hands, gives a serene spirit

This young woman was not mistaken in talking about “tricotherapy”.

In the United States, the medical profession does not hesitate to prescribe it as an antistress. The Cabrini Medical Center in New York advises patients who have to undergo heavy and painful treatments; Herbert Benson, a professor at Harvard Medical School, recommends it to relieve chronic pain, reduce hypertension and fight insomnia (in “The Relaxation Response”, 2000); the doctors at the University of Chicago rank it among the top ten ways to quit. “Hand games, naughty games,” the saying goes wrong. In reality, focusing on a manual task that requires calm and precision promotes peace of mind.

Lucie, 38, hyperactive and “very mental” literally empties her head while knitting. “As I’m far from an expert, I have to focus. I who run after a thousand things all day, I experience very concretely the Zen injunction: here and now. I take the time to sit well, I listen to CDs, and go for my time 100% calm head! “

For Christelle, 44, more expert, it allows a break … without wasting time. “I can watch TV, spend the evening with family quietly while making sweaters for my children. My daughter is very proud to wear them. For her, it is an additional proof of love: I work all day in the hospital, but I still take the time to do beautiful things! In addition to the serenity he brings, he offers a special satisfaction: the pride of personal creation. Home-made achievements are so many singular touches in a world of “ready-to-eat”. “My first scarf? A sort of giant tie, Lucie recalls with a laugh. But I was super proud, it was me who made it, I wear it when I go walking in the forest, it still moves me as much! “

A sensual ritual

To knit is also to associate in the same pleasure look and touch. Choice of colors, texture and softness of the material. “The wool is reassuring and sensual,” says Claire, 31. My grandmother knitted sweaters, I loved to dive my hand into the basket where she stored her balls. It took me a while to get to it, I thought it was a big deal, and then I came across adorable sweater designs for my daughter and I found the pleasure of touching wool, working it, let me rock by the “click-click” of the hands. “

Dancing with the hands on the work, soothing contact of the material, the knitting became, for Hélène, 34 years old, a “good night ritual”. The children lie down, she lights a small lamp, burns incense and prepares slowly for the night. “I have a predisposition to insomnia: ruminous, I take all my worries to bed. By giving me this break, I make the break, I separate the day from the night, it’s my airlock decompression. “The mesh has invaded the catwalk, giving a little softness and simplicity in our closets. A fashion “baba chic” that awakens greedy passions. Passionate about customization, Louise, 30 years old, always scour the haberdashery to find old feathers and buttons. His last love at first sight? “Rows of balls in wonderful colors. So, I wanted to knit. As I am rather good with my hands, I found it quite simple. I even want to make a small collection with a friend. “

Her greatest pleasure: to touch the wool, to choose the colors, to imagine associations of materials and colors … And to use bamboo needles, to stay bobo until the last mesh! In terms of chic, there is no more trendy than knitting around a cup of tea with his girlfriends – the American actress Uma Thurman and her friends people started the trend. Since then, clubs and tea rooms devoted to knitting multiply. The most passionate have their blogs and exchange models and tips via the Internet. A new tribe, knitters, was born. Their creed: some meshes of serenity in a world of stress.

The basics to know

To start or recover:

Fitting the stitches, learning the garter stitch and stopping the last row are the three essential actions of the knitter’s survival kit. To get started, choose: specialized books or websites that also offer practical sheets and videos.

Another solution, more reassuring: the collective lessons, which allow to realize that one is not alone to make knots and to progress more quickly. There are also clubs – bookstores, cafes, tea rooms – where chatter and snacking make learning less austere. The plus: as a group, we benefit from advice and encouragement.

Once you have mastered the basics, do not be too ambitious. Avoid at first the jacquard sweater or torsades, prefer him a simple work, type scarf. Take big needles and big wool to go faster, and for fun, vary colors and materials.

You can also sign up to knit in groups with your friends, to improve the feeling of belonging to a group and learn to work in a team.

Good addresses

The clubs

  • Tricot’thé, 15, boulevard des Batignolles, 75008 Paris. T.
  • Brentano’s Café Tricot, Brentano’s bookstore, 37, avenue de l’Opera, 75002 Paris. T.

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