The amazing virtues of fruit infusions for your health

Good hydration is essential for our health, but let’s face it, it’s sometimes annoying to drink a lot of water. Add some punch to the water to make you want to drink more and enjoy its nutritional benefits.

Fruit infusions detoxify, energize and hydrate your body in addition to providing vitamins and minerals. Put as much fruit (preferably organic) as you like in a pitcher of water and let steep for 30 minutes before drinking.

Here are some recipes that have been proven!

Green tea, mint, lime

Benefits: Allows fat burning, better digestion, a cure for headaches, freshened breath.

Strawberry, Kiwi

Benefits: Improvement of cardiovascular health, protection of the immune system, regulation of blood sugar, better digestion.

Cucumber, lime, lemon yellow

Benefits : Fights water retention, bloating, appetite control, hydration the body in depth, allows better digestion.

Lemon, lime, orange

Benefits: Allows a better digestion, source of vitamin C, strengthens the immune defenses, and the healing of heartburn. (Drink this drink at room temperature).

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