The amazing diversity and detail of New England caterpillars with vibrant colors

Samuel Jaffe gets close to the material found in our backyard, the hairy, fluffy and filthy little creatures we often encounter along trees and sidewalks. Jaffe is fascinated by local environments, and aims to share the information he has gathered about these backyard ecosystems so that we can be more in tune with what is right under our feet or hide in the grass.

Jaffe has listed dozens of caterpillars in different contexts, each with a blackened background to highlight their unique textures, colors, and patterns. The caterpillars hang from the branches, cling to the leaves, and even play on vines in his photographs. Catching his subjects at specific moments, Jaffe gives each of these caterpillars a personalized touch, highlighting its playful nature when left alone in nature.

Jaffe grew up in eastern Massachusetts, interfering in his environment, wading in ponds and exploring the wildlife around him. In the last five years, he has started breeding and photographing many of the most interesting native caterpillars. The project expanded to include exhibitions, shows, conferences, and finally in 2013 the Caterpillar Lab, a passionate program highlighting the diversity of caterpillars through educational programs, arts and sciences. The prints are available in his online shop. (via The Neurotic Life with Steve’s Issues)

“Red boots” Apatelodes torrifacta on cherry / “Three butterflies” Papilio glaucus, polyxenes, and troilus

«Turbulent Abstract» – Phosphila turbulenta sur smilax

“Anatomy of a caterpillar” – Nadata gibbosa on oak

“Eumorpha achemon” red orange green on vine / “wild lettuce” Autographa precationis on wild lettuce

“Life on the edge of the leaf” – Nerice bidentata on elm leaf

“Life on the edge of the leaf” Cerura scitiscripta on the willow leaf

“The fawn” Sphinx kalmiae on ashes

Lycosis “at the beginning of the Kingdom”

“Emerald deception” Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria on goldenrod / “Cut flowers” Eupithecia Pug on blue verbena

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