The 3 essential foods for burning fat

You can not lose weight despite the diet? You have reached a plateau? You may lack these 3 essential elements to eliminate unnecessary fat. Only one of these elements can increase the melting of abdominal fat by 80%.

3 essential foods to burn fat :!

Vitamin D

A 2009 study by McGill University revealed that nearly one-quarter of a group of 90 women had severe vitamin D deficiency, less than 20 ng / ml. The most surprising thing was that his wives lived in California, a generally sunny region.

But what surprised the researchers most, is a very significant relationship between vitamin D deficiency and increased fatty infiltrates in the muscle. In women with normal vitamin D levels, however, the amount of fat in the muscles was lower.

This research is the first to clearly link vitamin D levels to the accumulation of fat in muscle tissue.

At the time, Dr. Richard Kremer, co-author of the MUHC study, came to the conclusion that high levels of vitamin D could help reduce adipose tissue. Or it could absorb and retain vitamin D, which would explain the state of deficiency observed in overweight people.

This discovery of the relationship between vitamin D levels and tissue fat accumulation has since been confirmed by other researchers, including Dr. Sibley MD and Dr. Michael Holick, MD, Ph.D.

Relationship of vitamin D and abdominal fat

Reduce fat cells : By a mechanism acting on parathyroid hormones that affect the action of the liver in the metabolism of fat. Vitamin D is converted in the body into hormone, 1,25 dihydroxycholecalciferol-vitamin D3, which among other actions, will activate receptors that will reduce the growth of fat cells.

Reduce appetite : Vitamin D will also increase sensitivity to leptin, a hormone that induces the satiety effect in the body.

Increase muscle strength : By reducing the accumulation of fat in the muscle, vitamin D increases muscle strength.

Vitamin D to lose weight

Research at the University of Minnesota shows that it is possible to lose an extra 450g per week of weight loss from a normal diet by consuming a supplement of at least 2,500 IU of vitamin D3.

Essential foods for burning fat:


They would help stop the production of the fat producers in the body and they would increase fat loss by 14% when practicing exercises.

In fact, one must pay special attention to essential fatty acids and consume foods such as fish (wild salmon, sardines, mackerel, cod, etc.), nuts, avocado.

Research at the Mayo Clinic has shown that flaxseed is one of the richest dietary sources of omega-3 with anti-inflammatory properties. But flaxseed is also the natural source of food richest in lignans, a nutrient allowing, among other virtues, to double the rate at which the liver metabolizes and eliminates the toxins and fats of the body. Consume 1 to 2 tablespoons daily. ground flaxseed.

Essential foods for burning fat:

Vitamin C

Many studies show that the higher your blood levels of vitamin C, the less fat you will absorb.

According to American researcher Carol Johnston Ph D. of Arizona State University, vitamin C and glucose compete to enter the body and follow the same path. When the amount of vitamin C is sufficient, it slows the absorption of sugars and maintains the glucose level at a normal rate. Lemon, lowers blood glucose and insulin production by the pancreas, while increasing the metabolism that burns fat.

Fruits rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and their natural acids are “slimming” fruits par excellence.

They work by lowering blood glucose levels and lowering insulin production through the pancreas, while increasing the metabolism that burns fat.

Research suggests that consuming citrus fruit either whole or in the form of juice, a few minutes before the meal, would allow to lose an average of 2 kilos per month, while consuming a normal meal.

The best: lemon, grapefruit and the mandarin family (tangérines, clementines).


To lose weight, you have to follow a reasonable diet plan, moderate exercise (such as walking), control your stress, and provide the body with these three essential ingredients for weight loss: vitamin D, Omega-3 and vitamin C.

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