The 20 best quotes on drugs, medicine and health

13. Prevention is better than cure. The wise man does not wait until men are sick to cure them, he guides them when they are in good healthExcerpt from the oldest work of traditional Chinese medicine: the Huangdi Nei Jing

14. It’s not about adding years to life but from life to years – Alexis Carrel

15. To heal sometimes, to relieve often, to listen always – Louis Pasteur

16. The first good is health, the second is beauty, the third is wealth – Plato

17. I realized that I had grown old the day I found that I spent more time chatting with pharmacists than with bistro bosses – Michel Audiard

18. Health, the most revered benefit for mortals – Sicyon’s Ariphron

19. When one has fallen ill, one has to change one’s way of living. It is clear that the one we followed is bad in all, or in great part, or in something – Hippocrates

20. The poorest would not trade for money, but the richest would give all his money for health – Charles Caleb Colton

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