That’s what happens in your body 30 minutes after drinking a Coke

The empty can, you have swallowed the equivalent of 7 pieces of sugar! In principle, you should vomit nausea. But the phosphoric acid contained in the soft drink masks the sugar with a tangy taste, thus giving the illusion of being quenched .

After about twenty minutes

Your blood sugar level rises sharply, putting your body to the test for the first time. Your pancreas races and secretes insulin en masse. This one is nevertheless vital; it alone can turn the huge surplus of sugar you have in the blood into fat, which your body is better able to withstand. Indeed, he can store the fat, certainly in the form of unsightly bulges but temporarily harmless, while glucose is for him a deadly poison when it is found in high dose in the blood. Only the liver is able to store glucose, but its capacity is very limited.

After forty minutes

The large amount of caffeine present in Coke is fully absorbed by your body. It dilates your pupils and raises your blood pressure. At the same time, the stocks of sugar in your liver are saturating, which causes the rejection of sugar in your blood .

After ¾ hour

Your body starts producing more dopamine . It is a hormone that stimulates the “pleasure center” in the brain. Note that the same reaction would occur if you took heroin. And this is not the only common point between sugar and drugs. Sugar can also be addictive. So much so that a study has shown that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. It is not a coincidence that “the addict” who is about to drink his Coke is as feverish as a narcomane lacking.

After drinking a Coke: After 1 hour

You are falling in sugar (hypoglycemia), and your energy level, both physical and mental, is falling. To avoid this cascade of disasters, the only real solution is to drink water.

“I am not a green plant! “

It is difficult to go back to drinking water when you have been used for years to drink sweet or at least composed (coffee, tea, wine, beer …). It is believed that it can no longer be satisfied with the bland taste of water. “I am not a green plant! »; “Water is for foot baths! “Have fun at the table, grabbing the bottle of red wine. In reality, evil is often deeper than a matter of taste. People who are reluctant to drink water are often people who are not really thirsty. And if they are not thirsty, it is because, generally, they lack physical exercise. When you have sweated well, at work or at work, drinking several glasses of water is not only a necessity: it is a supreme pleasure.

My caring mother had registered me with my big brother in a judo club. We were forty rascals in a municipal hall of 30 square meters lit by neon and furnished with tatami mats, which was ventilated only by a narrow skylight. After an intense warm-up where we had to jump, run, then do a series of pumps and abs, the teacher made us chained the catches, fighting standing and on the ground, before finishing (it was the best moment!) By a a great battle of “little horses” where, mounted on the back of a comrade, the others had to be thrown by the ground. At the end of the class, red, sweaty, sweaty, we wandered to the changing rooms where, above large bowls attached to the urinals, there were taps from which hot water came out, but at these moments , so tasty! The horrible smell of the latrines did not prevent any of us from filling our stomachs with delight. The more pressing applied their mouth directly to the tap, while the others, more civilized, formed a bowl with their hands and lapped without taking breath the precious liquid. I dare not think of the quantity of mucus and microbes that were exchanged on this occasion. Still, I do not remember having ever drunk better drink than the water of the cabinets of our judo club.

Why stop Coca

Think about it. After the effort, you may also want to drink a Coca-Cola or a cold beer, but you will realize that it does not give you a pleasure as intense as the water. Water is the supreme pleasure when you’re really thirsty, just as when you’re hungry during a long mountain walk, there’s nothing like a sausage will not touch again once home and resume the usual rhythm. But it’s not just pleasure. Drinking water will reduce your consumption of all the harmful substances found in sodas, starting with:

  • phosphoric acid, which interferes with calcium metabolism, and causes osteoporosis and softening of teeth and bones;
  • sugar, diabetes factor, cardiovascular disease, chronic inflammation, osteoarthritis and cancer;
  • aspartame: there are more than 92 side effects related to aspartame consumption, including brain tumors, epilepsy, emotional fragility and diabetes;
  • caffeine, which causes shaking, insomnia, skull aches, hypertension, demineralization and loss of vitamins.

Not to mention that the acidity of Coca-Cola is disastrous for the teeth. Have you ever noticed how rough your teeth are after drinking Coca-Cola? More acidic than lemon juice, it can be used to strip metal pieces (experiment with leaving a dirty piece of 50 cents for half an hour in a glass of Coke). The enamel of your teeth becomes porous, yellowish and greyish when you often drink Coca-Cola, and that’s the consequence. Finally, it is useless to talk about the effects on obesity: especially in children, the consumption of sodas increases the risk of 60%. There is no good reason to give sodas to your children unless you want:

  • increase their risk of diabetes;
  • increase their risk of cancer;
  • to create a sugar addiction.

This is a good source of savings in these difficult times: do not let any sugary drink pass the threshold of your home. And relearn how to drink water: start your day with a glass of water, even before breakfast. You will make a wonderful gift to your kidneys, who work so hard at cleaning your blood all day. They will be healthier, cleaner, and you will feel better.

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