Test: One word will help you discover the source of your problems

We propose today to trust your unconscious and to do this psychological test to find, in the multitude and complex diversity of your thoughts, the word that will highlight the source of all your problems.

So that the final result is as true as possible, do this test alone, in a quiet and quiet environment. To achieve it, you will only need a sheet of A4 paper and a pen.

Test: One word will make you discover the source of your problems:

  • Turn the sheet horizontally and place 16 points vertically on the left side of the sheet.
  • Make your imagination work to find simple words, do not put a limit on yourself. Note next to each point the words that come to your mind. Only write names (nouns), and only once each word for the whole test.
  • Make pairs of two words that follow each other and find a new word that connects them. It can also be an expression. What matters is that your intuition directs you to a word or phrase that reflects the connection between the two initial words
  • Continue by reducing the tree of associations until you reach a final word. Surround it with a colored marker.

Here’s how to interpret the result:

The last word is the key that will help you unravel the issues and problems that have accumulated in different aspects of your life. The ideas that come to you as you choose words can also help you better understand where your problems are coming from. Sometimes the idea that will help you can come right after the test, sometimes it takes a moment before the mechanism for solving your problems starts in your subconscious.

Warning ! Do not repeat this test more than once a month to avoid confusing associations of ideas. Share your results in the comments below.

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