Test: An amazing personality test … Look at this picture!

You adapt to changes and your environment with remarkable speed. It seems that you also have some facilities to communicate with other people, and you rarely feel alone. Despite a certain inner shyness, you behave in a rather playful manner in society. You value all expressions of affection and love, even the most discreet.

You try to see beyond appearances, and you make a point of not judging people without really knowing what is hidden deep inside them. This desire to perceive things in depth and completely pushes you to a certain curiosity, the desire to learn new things constantly, as well as a small inclination for spiritual and / or philosophical things.

You are, above all, a passionate person whose head is teeming with ideas, but you are also able to have an organized private life.

If you do not recognize yourself in this description but have mostly seen the forms related to answer A, you may simply be experiencing a period of sentimental euphoria, which is transforming your way of thinking. perceive things: maybe you are in love or you feel that you are in full physical and mental development! Anyway, you always see the glass half full, and that’s really fantastic!

2. If you saw the knife first:

You are a rather methodical person, who likes stability!

You like everything in your life to be well planned, balanced and with little change. You seek harmony, calm rather than permanent movement and agitation. For you, changes and unplanned things are a cause for unnecessary concern. You pay a lot of attention to the details, even the small ones … However, sometimes you also miss important details that could help you get a better idea of ​​things.

Despite a rather Cartesian spirit, you also know how to leave a lot of room for your feelings and you know better than anyone how to differentiate your needs from your desires. Sober, feet firmly anchored on earth, you are a simple, loyal and upright person, you do not need to clutter with material things. Your self-esteem is stable enough, you know your own inner fortresses, you respect yourself and you know how to pull yourself out of the game even in the most adverse situations.

For you, mental and emotional stability is synonymous with personal development. Your mind works in a logical way, which has many advantages … but it can destabilize you and cause you some stress when you find yourself in a situation that is unforeseeable, unexpected and unknown.

Even if you do not like to improvise things quickly, when you are in known territory you are in a relentless calm and you are able to achieve a lot of things. You are also a responsible person, who keeps your word and who is not the type to make promises in the air!

Personality Test Answer 3

3. If you first saw a butterfly:

You are a very creative person!

For you, the most important thing in life is intuition, wisdom, happiness, and satisfying your indefatigable curiosity. In your eyes, the world is full of unknown things to discover! All the different facets of life, the people and the situations that unfold before your eyes fascinate you and activate your overflowing imagination. Your life is full of color, both literally and figuratively! You like to think in a different way, and you perceive the things around you in a way that is yours. The way you look at the world is that of an artist, or an eternal child with never-ending wonders.

You are also able to transform the things that come to you, often for the better. You do not necessarily seek the easiest solution to the problems, you follow above all your instinct and what brings you the most happiness.

Your ability to see the essence of things rather than just their physical outlines, your propensity to base yourself on pure emotions, on intangible vibrations, on feelings rather than on a cold logic makes you a person a little apart . Sensitive, sentimental, you have a great sense of listening and a high receptivity to art, poetry, music or literature. What makes your heart beat are above all those immaterial, intangible and yet very present things because of the intense, almost burning heat they can cause in you.

You are an idealist, a passionate dreamer and a little crazy. And that’s why the world needs you!

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