Teenager decides to meet a boy she met on Facebook

Young people are not always aware of the danger that social networks, and the Internet in general, can pose. If these platforms are a fabulous tool for keeping in touch with friends and family, they can also be used for criminal purposes …

And you will see that for a potential rapist, trapping a girl on the web is much easier than you might think. It’s really cold in the back, but unfortunately it’s the truth.

She gave an appointment to a boy she met on Facebook: Evidence by experience

The now-famous Youtuber Coby Persin recently had a shaky social experience, which can serve as a lesson for all young people and parents!

Coby “had fun” creating a fake Facebook profile to get in touch with girls from 12 to 14 years old. Of course, he asked permission from their parents beforehand …

Once the girl had bitten the hook, he invited them to meet him. Surprisingly, the process seems incredibly easy and fast, since in just 4 days he manages to convince his innocent “prey” to meet him.

It is then that Coby communicates to their parents the time and the exact place of their meeting …

Wait to see when the parents intervene … What give them a good lesson, they will not forget soon!

Source A teenager decides to meet a boy she met on Facebook: Coby Persin / Youtube

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