Tap the dots of your hand to soothe your pains

As with acupuncture, reflex zone massage is based on the observation that vital energy passes through certain channels . Normally, energy circulates freely, but in case of stress, pain or illness, the energy flow slows down or becomes blocked.

Reflex zone massage can restore the flow of energy flow.

Here are 3 important and easy-to-massage areas that you can do anywhere :

Walking, lying down, in a work meeting, in his bath, at mass in front of a sermon too long, in a family reunion, at school …

Always start with the right hand , breathe deeply and drink a large glass of water .

Points of your hand

Here’s a quick and easy way to relieve pain without stuffing you with drugs stuffed with chemicals.

Carefully read the following instructions and improve your condition by massaging the points of your hand :

1 / Locate the point on your thumb that is associated with the pain in your body. Press for 5 seconds.

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