Take a nap at work: this desk-bed to be more efficient at work

Sometimes a nap of about ten minutes is enough to be in shape and start on the right foot in your work. The Greek design studio NL has found the solution to make working time more productive.

Its principle is simple: you feel that your eyelids are heavy. The nap is calling you. The bottom of this desk hides a comfortable corner for a nap.

Thanks to Greek design firm Studio NL, we have the desk-bed. http://t.co/qTh6qf5Kgw — Big Communications (@BigBHM) 25 Septembre 2015

To discover this secret hideaway, simply push the tray of furniture and fold the side panels. The right side then tilts, revealing the headrest with a cushion. Take a nap at work with this desk-bed:

Tools needed for stock farming, office desk to make a bed http://t.co/0bfBrWnR8Z The idea of ​​Studio NL, a renowned Greek design company named as the longest working country in Europe – Spica (@ Kelangdbn) 25 Septembre 2015

Athanasia Leivaditou, the creator of this project, told our colleagues at the American Huffington Post that the model was created for people who spend most of their time at work: “I had the idea of ​​this office concept during my university period when I spent hours studying. Some of my comrades lived too far away to go home and rest, so they built places to nap with chairs. “

Napping at work

Called “1, 6 Sm of Life”, the invention also aims to fit in confined spaces. Indeed, its name refers to the increasingly smaller size of our living spaces: “Physical, psychological and intellectual isolation has become a common phenomenon in megacities. Our lives are becoming smaller and have to adapt to the confined space of our office: 1,6 sm [square meters] “.

The desk-bed won an award at the A’Design Awards ceremony. However, Athanasia Leivaditou explained, still at the American Huffington Post, that his product will not be marketed on a large scale.

Take a nap at work: this desk-bed to perform better at work: The HuffPost | By Joanna Thevenot

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