Survival of mankind: Stephen hawking has a precise theory about it

Stephen Hawking has a new idea to submit to the world. And the subject is none other than humanity and our planet. For him, our species is doomed, just like the world as it exists today. The famous scientist has a very pessimistic view of the future of our species. Even if he did not mention an apocalypse, that could be his next topic of discussion.

Emigration would be the key

For Stephen, the only solution to escape the end of the world is: “Men, to save themselves, will have to emigrate to other planets within a hundred years” So there is not much time left to develop space programs. He continued, in opposition to Elon Musk who advocates terraforming the planet Mars, saying:

“I think that the survival of humanity depends on its ability to live in other parts of the universe, because the risk of a disaster destroying the Earth is great. So, I want to awaken public interest in spaceflight “

He who did not want to believe in the existence of aliens, he went to all. He expects to find a way of life somewhere in the galaxy by launching a smart life search campaign. But it does not necessarily remain positive in this respect …

Survival of humanity

Watch out for aliens and artificial intelligence

He predicts: the arrival of aliens on Earth would be similar to the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus: not at all beneficial for those who are present on the territory discovered. Remember the Amerindians, the people massacred by the settlers … Well, Stephen Hawking thinks this situation would happen again if aliens discovered our blue planet.

“In my mathematical mind, to think that there is an extraterrestrial life is something rational. The real challenge is how are these Aliens. “

An idea that corresponds to his vision of Artificial Intelligence which, in 100 years, should exceed humans. In an open letter co-written with other luminaries in the scientific community, he wanted to make it clear that it was up to humans to ensure that these machines had identical objectives to ours. So in 100 years, not only will we have to leave the Earth, but in addition, we must make sure not to be destroyed by machines. The predictions of Stephen Hawking are not reassuring …

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