Study shows marriage makes men swell

Married men gain weight after marriage. Specialists relied on changes in the participants’ Body Mass Index (BMI), a body weight marker that is calculated as the ratio of weight (in kilos) to height (in meters) squared.

The panel included 90% married men, 30.5% men living with children under 19, 24.1% newlyweds, 12% divorced and 39% men whose spouse to have a child.

To lose weight, you have to divorce

Changes in family situation also have consequences for weight: the study also shows that divorce leads to weight loss.

On the other hand, the birth of a child would not make men fat. The study also undermines the idea of ​​”couvade”, in which men gain weight during their wife’s pregnancy.

“It is rather in the years following the happy event that the kilos would settle, with an increasing increase of BMI during the first three years,” said Alsace. Fortunately, this increase decreases in the fourth year.

Less obvious results in women

In 2015, a German study conducted by Basel academics on 10,226 people from 9 European countries had already made a relationship between marriage and weight gain.

On average, married people weigh 2 kilos more than singles. German academics have looked at the BMI of women in couples: for the latter, the results are less glaring, with a BMI of 25.6 against 25.1 for single women.

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