Study reveals you can never hold your baby too much

Everyone knows this person who thinks it’s not the best thing to do and that it spoils a baby. While according to a scientific study, one never makes enough hugs and the benefits to cuddling your baby are immense.

The Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio has conducted a research in which they have observed 125 premature infants and ultimately to understand how they react to touch and their discoveries will clarify all your worries about keeping your baby in your arms.

The research concluded that the reaction time for premature babies was less than the reaction time of term babies.

This type of parenting is considered the kangaroo mother method, which resembles the way kangaroos stay in the mother’s pocket, until they are old enough to fend for themselves.


A healthier heart: babies with breathing problems have been relieved within 48 hours without a respirator. A study also found that they had a more regular heart rate.

Improved immunity:

“Preterm babies [babies] seem to have a poor immune system – [they] are susceptible to allergies, infections, food problems. The first skin-to-skin contacts significantly reduce these problems, “- Dr. Nils Bergman, Chief Medical Superintendent, Mowbray Maternity Hospital, Cape Town, Africa

Increase in weight gain:

One study confirmed that babies most often held by parents were healthier and this often resulted in shorter hospital stays after birth.

Regulated body temperature:

“Mothers are able to better control the temperature of the infant than an incubator,” says Bergman. “The base temperature can increase by two degrees centigrade if the baby is cold and drop by 1 degree if the baby is warm.”

So if you like to hold your baby in your arms or think you’re doing it too much, you’re wrong. Nobody can take his baby too much. It concerns both mother and father. A simple touch of parent is beneficial.

Keep cuddling your adorable baby.

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