Study finds plastic fibers found in tap water around the world

We find plastic everywhere, even in tap water. A study carried out by researchers on the initiative of the Orb media website, states that everywhere on our planet, drinking water is contaminated by microplastics, and this in quantities varying according to the country.

According to The Guardian, which echoes this work, “scientists are calling for research to examine the implications of this plastic presence for health.” Until then, the researchers studied mainly the quantities of plastics found in the oceans and likely to be ingested by humans through fish and seafood.

And the results of this research are worrisome: of all the tap water samples taken in 12 countries, 83% of them contained plastic fibers.

The USA is the most contaminated

European countries are doing better than others.

“Europe, including the UK, Germany and France have the lowest rate, which is still 72%,” says The Guardian. “The average number of plastic fibers found in every 500 ml sample of tap water is 4.8 in the United States, compared with 1.9 in Europe,” says The Guardian.

In the USA, the authors of the study found plastic fibers in 94% of the samples studied.

Samples taken from places like the Congress, the offices of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Trump Tower in New Yorker,” the newspaper continues.

In Indonesia, this level stands at 76.2%, 79.2% in Ecuador, 80.8% in Uganda, 82.4% in India and 93.8% in Lebanon, according to Orb Media.

Is it better to go to the bottled water? The latter, themselves plastic, found in large quantities in the ocean. Not sure that this is a satisfactory alternative.

After a study reveals that plastic fibers have been found in tap water in the living world too:

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