Studies show that living next to the sea improves your mental health

This might be obvious to some, but in reality, living in natural spaces is the way we are supposed to live on this planet. When we manage to coexist with nature, live in homes that do not disturb our nature, and our ability to live in peace and harmony with the planet, then we can transform the mess of the planet. It is not logical to cover the earth with cement on the lush flora of the Earth.

Researchers at Canterbury University in New Zealand and at Michigan State University noted the difference between blue and green spaces. Blue spaces are areas that have large expanses of water, such as beaches. Green spaces are areas like parks or forests.

These results were collected to assess anxiety and mood disorders. They took into account factors such as age and gender to find a possible correlation between people who had a relevant view of nature and good mental health.

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This study is particularly interesting because it reveals that blue spaces are much better than green spaces, since many of our green spaces are located in cities and have concrete structures that are entangled in them. Green space does not have the same effect on your brain when it is filled with man-made structures.

Being completely surrounded by forest or being seaside without human-made structures has a positive effect on our mental well-being. We were not designed to spend many hours of the day in front of our computer screen and in concrete buildings, we are designed to move, live, and experience close connections in connected communities.

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This study can help us get a better insight into city design, by telling us that it is imperative to integrate nature into the world of humans. Basically, we need to change the conception of society so that we can completely change the way we interact with the world around us and others.

We should be able to exist in harmony with the planet and live together on the principle of sustainability, without destruction. It might sound simple enough, but the system we live in encourages things like the oil and gas industries and gives priority to big industries.

If you can, go out, and explore the beautiful world of nature. Stop in a park if you live in the city, go buy some plants to put around your house, and bring nature back into your life. Being surrounded by nature purifies the air and values ​​you in this space where you are.

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