Studies reveal that putting children to bed early would positively affect the mother’s health

I adopted my children through a foster care system, it was very young children, so I thought I would sleep more easily compared to my friends who had newborns at home. I was wrong. After months of walking like an undead, bouts of depression due to lack of sleep and extreme irritability due to a bad sleep, I discovered a secret weapon: Early bedtime with almost military precision.

Understanding bedtime has saved my sanity, and there are studies that show why it’s essential for a healthy household.


I have read bedtime studies to help me go in the right direction. This study confirms that my strict routine is worth the months that I put it into practice: when children close their little cute eyes early, they are healthier and mom is happier.

The Growing Up in Australia study began tracking thousands of families in 2004. The researchers analyzed the data and found that children who went to bed before 8:30 pm had “a better quality of life related to health”. The same study also revealed that their mother also had a better quality of life and better mental health.

“So, moms and dads, sleeping your kids early is not only good for them. It’s good for you too, “said study director Jon Quach at the Today Show.

My own experience confirms that he is right. My children are now in bed every night at 7:30 pm, which allows me to take a shower, work and even relax a bit before going to sleep. To bear the mental and physical burden of a family is exhausting; Bedtime was the only way to adapt “self – care” to my to – do list. But before feeling guilty, to tell you that you miss a precious moment with your little ones, remember, it’s really good for your children too.

If you need a more specific benefit, other than Mum’s sanity, understand that studies show that children who go to bed early sleep longer. And that’s great news, because the National Sleep Foundation says they need a lot of sleep. Check out this table that shows the number of hours of sleep that children should receive each night.

I adapted the bedtime of my children according to the time of waking. Here is a handy chart for that too.


Need help getting these little ones to bed earlier? Fortunately, there are some recommendations on how to set a routine to put your children to bed earlier:

Limit screen time before bedtime. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the blue light from the screens will delay melatonin, increase alertness, and reinitialize the body’s internal processes for an hour later. Try to set a digital curfew for computers, tablets, and phones.

  • Make sure your children get plenty of exercise during the day
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Make sure their room stays cool and dark
  • Define a solid routine

In our home, we followed all these recommendations. It took us a long time to develop this routine, but now our evenings are like this: dinner, 30 minutes of television, bath, books and bed. The routine lasts about an hour and a half, which means we have dinner at 6 pm and the light is out before 7:30 pm But real time does not seem as important to us as the routine itself. They know that bedtime is coming and they are starting to relax.

It saved our lives, but whatever routine you choose, know that it will take time. But it’s really worth it!

Antoine Mercier

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