Studies reveal that music accelerates the development of children’s brains! Here’s why!

“The auditory system is stimulated by music,” said Assal Habibi, lead author of the BCI study. “The system is also engaged in general sound processing that is fundamental to language development, reading skills and successful communication. “

So, in other words, Luciano Pavarotti was quite right when he said:

If children are not introduced to music at an early age, I think we take something fundamental from them. “

But wait, there is more!

Music accelerates the development of children’s brains:

# 1 – A bigger brain

Researchers at the Israel Deaconess Beth Medical Center in Boston found that in adults who had received music training, the cerebellum – the part of the brain that contains 70% of the neurons – was 5% larger.

Previous studies have shown that a bigger brain is a clear indicator of intelligence!

# 2 – Improved performance at school

Children who study music regularly have better results on exams such as the baccalaureate. In addition, they tend to get better grades throughout high school.

# 3 – Improved Progression

Throughout the early stages of learning music, improvements are making giant strides.

One day, a child picks up an instrument and has no idea what he is doing. A week later, they may indicate some notes. A month later, he can create a harmony with these few notes.

This kind of success inspires the love of progression in a child’s mind. Speaking of his personal experience, the child will quickly aspire to this kind of progression in all areas of his life.

And so the journey of discovery begins, triggered by a few simple notes.

# 4 – Increased self-confidence

The ups and downs can really weigh heavily on a child.

But research has shown that children who are musically trained are in a better position to face these challenges. Why? Because music increases self-confidence.

Making even small music projects (such as learning a song) works great for boosting morale.

“Not only do children become appreciators of each other’s work, but they also develop the skills of self-reflection in the effort to bring their personal vision to maturity,” said Dory Kanter.

Did you have a musical education growing up? What impact does it have on you?

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