Stop buying lawyers. Grow an avocado tree in a small pot at home

You will have noticed, lawyers have been everywhere for some time! This little green fruit is added in almost every meal. The “avocado trend” is not a bad thing for your body because it contains potassium, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E. It also has heart healthy fats and high fiber content.

The only drawback of this trend is that over the past year, the average price of avocados has increased by more than 25%. If you want to save some money and eat fresh organic avocado , grow your own avocado is essential. Avocado is a small tree that is easy to grow.

So take your gardening gloves …

The cultivation of avocado in the ground is only possible in the tropics (Martinique, French Guiana, New Caledonia, etc …) or Mediterranean (the south of France), one can grow avocados oneself to the inside our house.

It will take some time before getting the first lawyers, but the cultivation of this tree of tropical origin remains a real pleasure, both easy and rewarding. .

The cultivation of avocado is possible outdoors only if you live in a region with a mild winter climate. Originally from Mexico, he hates frost and adapts to cold with great difficulty. Otherwise it will be necessary to grow the avocado indoors during the winter and therefore have a veranda or a winter garden to return.

Fruiting Avocado: Avocado needs to be pollinated to grow. In avocado, each flower opens twice: once as a female and a second time as a male. It is therefore able to do it alone, but it is better to have several plants to ensure good pollination. Humidity should be high at fruit set (initial phase of fruit formation), 70 to 80% and more moderate during fruit growth. Avocado is a climacteric fruit like banana. That is to say, it grows on the tree where it can remain several months, but it matures only once plucked. So, a tough lawyer is a sign of freshness.

The avocado can reach between 8 and 20 meters high outdoors and live up to 70 years. Production starts at least 4 years after planting but can be much later. The avocado tree needs a lot of sunshine. Although adapted to a wide range of soils to the extent that they are well drained, avocado prefers sandy or sandy-clay soils.

Here is a photo of avocado of a reader:

An example of a plant variety ‘bacon’ that can be self-fertile and give fruit even potted like here at home. Here it is in Alsace and more.

How to grow an avocado tree from a kernel

Germinate the nucleus

Thoroughly clean the avocado’s core and make sure you know which end is above and which is at the bottom. Plant four toothpicks in the core equidistant halfway down. From there, take a glass of water and put your kernel in it, the toothpicks must exceed the 2cm core.

The core should not be placed in direct sunlight, but in a warm place until the stem measures 15 cm and the roots are visible. This should take between two to six weeks, then cut the stem to 7cm. Wait for other leaves to grow and the stem to reach 15cm again before planting.


Get yourself a large pot about 25cm in diameter, with a small hole in the bottom for drainage. Fill the pot with a nutrient-rich soil, leaving a small hole on top to plant your seed. Place it in the hole, being careful that it is not too deep and half of the core protrudes.

Avocado maintenance

Once the avocado tree is planted, place it in a sunny area of ​​your home. Sprinkle the tree generously and regularly, making sure the soil remains moist.

If the leaves begin to turn brown and become dry, this indicates that the plant is not getting enough water. To solve the problem, put the pot in your sink, and let the water run into the pot for a few moments, making sure to empty any excess water before removing the plant from the sink.

If the leaves start to turn yellow and fall, you water the plant too much. To remedy the situation, do not water it for a few days and reduce the amount of water you give in the future.

The leaves of the avocado can often turn brown or black, often to the tips, they can even fall, especially during cold or cool periods (autumn – winter). If it is Anthracnose (see below) different causes are possible:

  • Lack of water or too dry climate in case only the ends are affected
  • The leaves are old and must renew themselves
  • Thermal shock (example: passage from home to garden)
  • in outdoor burns caused by the sun or the wind

Harvesting of lawyers:

Harvesting and conservation of avocados: For a (large) pot culture, the first avocado harvest will take place after 8 to 10 years on average. But, meanwhile, its beautiful evergreen will make a beautiful houseplant. Avocados will be harvested between mid-October and mid-May depending on the variety.

At home you can speed up ripening by surrounding other fruits such as bananas (which naturally produce ethylene gas) or by enclosing it in a bag with a pear or an apple (to avoid smell of banana). Avocado is kept at room temperature. In case of surplus, it is best to freeze them in the form of puree with a little lemon juice (about a tablespoon for two avocados). (source)


Continue regular maintenance and take care of your tree so that it can thrive. You may very well have to wait a few years before it starts to bear fruit, but when it does, you appreciate your own fresh and delicious avocados.

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