Stephen Hawking: We have only 100 years left to escape extinction

As part of a new documentary to be broadcast by the BBC next September, physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking said there was only one century left for humanity to escape extinction.

As the Telegraph reports, the physicist continues his apocalyptic predictions.

A century to leave our planet and find a viable existence in another planet. This is the challenge for man, according to Stephen Hawking. The astrophysicist said, in a documentary made for the BBC television channel, that we only had one hundred years left to see the global pollution disappear forever, unless another viable place to live was found in time. Hence the interest of going to explore the universe in the hope of finding a new refuge.

The documentary, called Expedition New Earth, is scheduled for September 2017.

A big fan of apocalyptic predictions, Stephen Hawking nevertheless bet on a longer life expectancy last year: “Although the risk of catastrophe facing the planet in a given year seems small, it adds up over time and will become almost certain in 1,000 or 10,000 years, “he said at a conference at Oxford University.

What solutions?

In just a year, then, things would have become worse to the point of accelerating the extinction of humanity? Whether it’s a simple communication call or a sincere prediction, the problem is: we will have to find a habitable refuge in case the man is really destined to leave our planet.

Elon Musk wants to conquer Mars in 2018, so it is the first of the possible solutions. Yet life on this planet could be very harmful because of the radioactive particles in its atmosphere. Not to mention its toxic soil, freezing temperatures and its unbreathable air. It would be possible to terraform the red planet to be truly habitable, but it would take hundreds of thousands of years (Source Popular Science.)

So we should start exploring beyond our solar system in the hope of finding a place with a little water, earth and breathable air.

Otherwise, to escape extinction, we can always question our way of life, production and consumption. If we can not change, they will continue to destroy the environment, on the red planet, just like anywhere else.

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