Stephen Hawking warns: the end of humanity will be for soon

The most famous astrophysicist in the world, Stephen Hawking, announced on BBC 4 that the biggest threat to our humanity is … itself. Advances in technology, including robots with artificial intelligence and, pell-mell, the possibility of a nuclear war, global warming, viruses resulting from our genetic manipulations, can push us into nothing much earlier than expected, from the next centuries …. Only hope for him: to disperse humanity, first on Mars, and fiss ….

While the remaining lifespan of our planet should leave us margin (in theory still a few billion years), according to Stephen Hawking, the human species is in danger because the catastrophe is imminent. It may happen in a few hundred years, a blink on the scale of humanity and the universe! While the society of the future could be sanitized, soothed and domesticated thanks to ever more advanced technologies, the latter could above all surpass and then destroy us. Hawking says we will be responsible for our own extinction.

“Once humans develop artificial intelligence, it will take flight and remodel itself faster and faster. Humans, who are limited by slow biological functions, will not be able to compete and will be overwhelmed. ” (Source: The Independent)

So to overcome this somewhat thorny problem, the astrophysicist suggests to go colonize other planets, and quickly! Ideally, we should stay in the solar system and the first candidate is of course Mars. An extraterrestrial colonization process that would take about a century. By the completion of this colonization, there would be very, very delicate years according to Stephen Hawking even if all is not lost, far from it. He still has faith in humanity and his instinct for survival.

“Most of the threats that lie ahead come from our scientific and technological progress. We will not stop progressing or backtracking, which is why we have to face the dangers and learn to control them. I am optimistic, I think we can do it. It is important to make sure that these changes will go in the right direction. In a democratic society, this means that everyone will have to master the fundamentals of science to make informed decisions that will have an impact on the future. ” (Source: The Telegraph)

The crumbling and dispersal in different planets and colonies would make it possible to survive humanity, its memories and the remains of its culture, even if the cradle of the Earth were to disappear.

We would then be the first aliens, waiting for those who probably exist elsewhere in the Universe give us sign of life as suggested by the paradox of Fermi (read this article from the CNRS, “the paradox of fermi and the extraterrestrials invisible” ).

This theory, enunciated in 1950 by an Italian physicist laureate of the Nobel Prize, could be summarized as follows: “If there were extraterrestrial civilizations, their representatives should be already at home. Where are they? “

One of the explanations for the Fermi paradox, according to some researchers, is that any extraterrestrial civilization that is technologically advanced (and therefore endowed with weapons of absolute destruction, nuclear or otherwise) would inevitably self-destruct before reaching other worlds in the universe …

To understand everything, watch this educational video playful and very complete on the question (5 mn) in English subtitled in French:

Hence the fear expressed by Steven Hawking: the suicide of our species with uncontrollable technological weapons.

The end of humanity

Britain is already preparing to create an army of war robots to protect its ground troops, reports The Telegraph. The Taranis drone, worth 190 million euros, flies faster than the speed of sound and selects targets automatically. It still requires the authorization of a human before attacking, but a step has definitely been taken since 2013. A furrow, again, already largely dug by the works of science fiction, “Terminator” in mind …

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