South Korea: The largest dog meat market will stop its activity

On December 13th, an agreement was found and signed between the city of Seongnam and the dog meat sellers of the largest market in the region. As early as next week, the number of animals kept in cages should decrease …

It’s a big step for animals. In exchange for help to allow them to convert, the 22 sellers of dog meat Moran market have agreed with the authorities of Seongnam: they will gradually stop their trade so cruel for any lover of canines, reported the Korea Herald. And if everything goes as planned, this practice of another time should have completely disappeared by May 2017.

Animal rights activists can claim victory: The Moran Market, known as South Korea’s largest dog meat market, will stop the slaughter and sale of dogs, the city’s mayor said.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats animals.”

It is by quoting Gandhi that Kang Won-gu, the mayor of Seongnam City, located southeast of Seoul, South Korea, justified the gradual cessation of the slaughtering and marketing of meat from South Korea. dog at the Moran market, reports the Korea Herald on Tuesday, December 13th. As part of an agreement negotiated with the town hall after long months of consultation, the 22 traders will have to suspend the slaughtering activities and remove the dog cages to count of the next week.

By May, the vendor stands will be completely closed. In exchange, the traders are offered by the municipality a financial support to accompany them in their professional reconversion.

Credit image: More than 80,000 dogs a year were sold dead or alive

The Moran Market, inaugurated in the 1960s, remains to this day South Korea’s largest dog meat market: more than 80,000 dogs are sold dead or alive each year, providing one third of the canine meat consumed in the country. Slaughter conditions, extremely brutal (dogs are usually hanged or electrocuted, as elsewhere in the country), had been denounced by several associations including the Korean Wellfare Animal Association. The latter fears that such a ban is difficult to enforce: “We will have to constantly monitor the signs that sell dog meat to see if they really stopped shooting them,” responded a spokesman for the association interviewed by the Korea Herald. And to add: “The municipality will also have to finish at a time by totally prohibiting its sale throughout the city. “

Take care of your image as you approach the 2018 Winter Games

This good news may, however, be less motivated by animal welfare than by diplomatic reasons, involving as much of the South Korean population as foreign tourists. The Herald reports that many residents of the market regularly complain about the noise and smells caused by the slaughter of animals. “This probably marks the beginning of a long road to solving the problems caused by the consumption of dog meat,” said the mayor. “The agreement will, we hope, put an end to the negative image of Moran Market. “

Be that as it may, the approach of the Olympic Winter Games to be held in Pyeongchang in 2018 is certainly not unrelated to this decision. In the meantime, a meeting between the animal welfare associations and the canine meat trade will be held next January.

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