Sometimes it is our patience that is exhausted, not our love

Patience has a limit: self-esteem

Without knowing how, we end up yielding to so many things that finally we stop developing ourselves.

  • You can forgive today and forgive tomorrow. Forgiveness is positive, from the moment when there is reciprocity and sincerity in regrets. But the quota of “assignments and concessions” must be limited.
  • Whenever we give up something, we lose a part of ourselves. To give up a hobby or a job or to stop seeing certain people because our spouse feels jealous, implies giving up a part of our identity.
  • Our patience has limits and this limit is our integrity. When you notice that you have given too much and none of these concessions have been rewarded or recognized, let them know. Maybe you should make a radical decision.

Saying goodbye is also growing up

To say goodbye to someone is to leave a certain way of life behind us and put an end to habits, customs and above all to the company of a person, who until recently, was as important as the air we breathe.

Even if love persists, we feel that suffering and disillusionment affect our physical and emotional health. It’s dangerous.

It must be understood that saying goodbye means respecting oneself.

Life gives rise to cycles and changes, and any change requires the qualities below:

  • Courage.
  • Self-knowledge: We must all know what our values ​​and personal limits are. It is a line that must not be crossed or damaged, because it represents the esteem that we have of ourselves.
  • To know how to say goodbye implies the need to break bonds definitively. It represents an act of courage.
  • Integrate learning: Any relationship that ends teaches us something. To grow, certain aspects must be integrated and accepted.
  • To leave without hate: To put an end to a relation because we have more patience, implies to break bonds without hate or resentments. Any negative emotion makes us prisoner and prevents us from forgetting.

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