Some people stay temporarily in our life to teach us a lesson

Everyone is constantly saying that you can not really explain how you feel about someone. Why do you hang with some people more than others or why you suddenly feel a special connection with a stranger.

I think we are getting closer to some people because they are the people we need in our lives right now. These people will teach us important lessons about life or about ourselves.

There is a reason why our heart beats for a particular person and a reason why you relate to some people more than others.

When I think about it, there is not one person to whom I have really attached myself and who has not had anything precious to teach me or who has not played an important role in my life. And in most cases, these people were only temporary because their duty was to show me a different path and then release me.

Sometimes the stage of your life determines the kind of people you attract and I think you are getting the people you need at the right time. You find the answers you were looking for through these people. You get closer to people who bring out the best in you.

Sometimes we try to turn these temporary people into people forever, but this is by no means their role. They are not meant to stay in our life forever. They are just there for a short period of time. They enter our lives to make us better for those who will stay forever.

The problem is that we become frustrated when these people leave because we can not let go.

The essence of letting go is faith.

The faith that this story must end and that it’s better that way. Maybe rewrite the story would destroy it. Maybe changing the story would not give you a happy ending. Maybe these people are angels who are sent to you to teach you a lesson or heal you or make you better and when their time is up, they disappear. They are meant to be placed in someone else’s life.

I know that the day we meet the person who will remain forever , we will be able to recognize her from afar, because we will finally understand the difference between a person who touches our hand and a person who touches our soul.

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