Small houses to build yourself in six hours for 28 000 €

Others have gone a step further by buying small houses, or living in a motorhome. And there are others who have invested in sustainable and off-grid homes to live in peace while blossoming in the midst of nature. If any of these options please you, you should appreciate the house below that the Italian Renator Vidal designed.

To offer alternative solutions to soaring property prices, Vidal has developed MADi, a folding house that “costs” only € 28,000 for its construction. In addition, it can be built anywhere, as long as the floor is flat, in just 6 hours.

The Bored Panda site reports that the building is earthquake-proof certified, that it is built with high quality materials and that it is available in different sizes. There is a house of 27 square meters for € 28,000, for example, or a house of 84 square meters for about € 61,000.

These prefabricated houses can be assembled without being connected to the network. Apparently, the structures blend well with solar panels, wastewater systems and LED lighting.

After the settlement, the house is delivered within 60 days. The small, well thought out structure includes all modern amenities, including a bathroom with sanitary facilities, kitchen hook-ups, stairs and technical facilities.

It creates comfortable and safe environments, highly customizable to your needs,” says the company.

Here are some pictures of the innovative house:

Small houses to build yourself in six hours for 28 000 €

It looks like an ordinary house, but everything under the outside is the opposite of “simple”.

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