Shower: Do you shower every day? Science says you should stop

Hygiene is a practice that has taken center stage. Everyone wants to be clean, fresh, and smell good. This desire is influenced by advertising and the fear of judgment. The University of California’s San Diego School of Medicine has conducted a study revealing that showering too often is not healthy or necessary.

Soap removes the natural oils from your skin, causing it to become dry and rough.

Shampoos remove oils from your scalp and follicles, making hair dry and brittle.

While there are revitalizing and moisturizing products, it is a poor substitute compared to what your body would do naturally.

Our body is more than able to stay clean all by itself. When you take a shower, you try to clean up dirt, excess fat, and smelly bacteria. This ends up removing the dead skin that protects the layers underneath.

By removing this layer of dead skin, you also remove the fats and lipids responsible for hydration.

Every time you take a shower and rub, you degrade that layer. The more you scrub the more often you damage it. Your skin remains unprotected. There are bacteria that are good for the body that are removed when you scrub.

These bacteria are vital for protecting your skin and preventing infections. The same goes for the scalp. It needs natural oils and the presence of beneficial bacteria to stay healthy.

You only need to shower and scrub every other day. When you do not rub, you can rinse off sweat and dirt. You must clean the groin, armpits and feet when you shower. You can skip the rest because the bacteria on your skin will keep these areas healthy.

After a while of adaptation, you will feel much softer and more comfortable. It will also save you money and soap!

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