She refuses to unplug her husband: 3 months later, he wakes up and says these 2 things

Imagine that you have just united with the love of your life. You swim in total happiness. You live for 7 months a wonderful story. But suddenly, one day, your phone rings and a doctor announces you, that your half had a motorcycle accident. Sequelae are very heavy, his coma forces doctors to place him under an artificial respirator and you formally refuse to unplug him.

That’s what happened to Matt and Danielle Davis, from Savannah, Georgia. Thus began the fight of this brave woman whose stubbornness ended up paying after 3 long months.

She stayed at her husband’s bedside and looked after them every day, 24 hours a day. Then, one day, after 3 long months of coma, she put a hat in Matt’s hand and asked him to put it on her head. And there, miracle! He answers ” I’m trying”.

Matt is finally out of the coma but his memory has been touched and he can not remember he is married. He regains his senses little by little and says he is pleasantly surprised by such news.

She refuses to unplug her husband

What is coma?

Cardiac arrest, road accident, stroke … These accidents, however different, can sometimes lead to coma .

Coma is an abolition of consciousness and vigilance. The patient can not move, speak, respond to external stimuli, react to their environment, and keep their eyes closed. This condition is directly related to a dysfunction of the central nervous system. We can wake up, or not.

Matt and Danielle’s life after the accident

Today, Matt can make jokes, play sports and play scrabble.

Help your partner

“Guys, get the garbage out without your wife asking you” here are Matt’s wise words after seeing everything his wife had endured and done for him for 3 months.

His accident

Matt’s chances of survival after his motorcycle accident were minimal. Doctors unsuccessfully recommended that his wife agree to disconnect the machines that kept him alive. And luckily, she did not do it because he ended up waking up!

Danielle and Matt Davis are featured in this undated photo.

The path to healing

Danielle declares that she had faith in God and she was right because 3 months later, her husband was transferred to their home where she and her mother-in-law could take care of him. Unfortunately, the doctors had diagnosed Matt with a memory loss in the 3 years preceding his terrible accident.

He did not remember his marriage, but he and Danielle are rediscovering themselves.

Daily progress

Since he has woken up from his coma, Matt has made a lot of progress with the therapy he is following. Danielle says that he is an exceptional being with a heart of gold and a lot of love for others. He never shows anger at his condition.

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