Scientists announce that it is mathematically impossible to beat aging

Although our life expectancy has dramatically increased in previous decades, aging is still a part of our lives, and no one can escape aging. And, as research shows, this is not going to change: whether it is cancer or the destruction of our cells, aging and death are mathematically unavoidable.

Thus, aging and dying must occur, no matter how we intervene in the aging process.

Aging seems to us normal and natural today, but that does not prevent people from trying everything, stopping or even reversing this natural process. The quest for immortality is always fantasizing, but realistically, is it really possible?

It seems like no. Researchers at the University of Arizona are proving today that it is mathematically impossible to stop aging in multicellular organisms, of which we are all part.

It is mathematically impossible to overcome aging :

“Aging is mathematically inevitable and there is logically, theoretically and mathematically no solution to counter it,” says Joanna Masel, one of the main authors of this research published in PNAS. The researchers explain here that each cell of our body is charged with two opposite missions: that of ensuring its own survival, and that of supporting the organism of which it is a part.

Two things happen at the cellular level during aging.

First: the cells slow down and begin to lose their function, as when the cells in your hair stop making pigments.

Secondly, some cells grow uncontrollably, which can lead to the formation of cancer cells. This causes a double connection in the manner of a Catch-22 (the Catch-22 is a paradoxical situation where an individual can not escape because of conflicting rules).

In other words, if you get rid of your cells flexing, then you allow the cancer cells to multiply. And if you get rid of the cancer cells, then you allow the accumulation of lethargic cells.

“As a result, you’re caught in a vise, either you’re undergoing cancer cell proliferation, or you’re left with a bunch of cells that are malfunctioning,” the researcher says.

When a person ages normally, the survival of any individual cell is sacrificed in the name of the health of the body.

In other words, part of the output of each cell is for collective health rather than individual health. In the end, the triumph of competition cooperation means that bodies accumulate dead or dying cells, leading us to age.

And on the other hand, the elimination of lethargic cells in the name of competitive advantage will give room for maneuver to allow unaffected cancer cells to take power. There is no way out, no matter how you operate. To prove it, scientists also present a mathematical model explaining why aging is an inescapable process and an intrinsic property of multicellular beings.

We can therefore be able to delay aging, but we will never be able to stop it. Aging is not a disease that must be defeated or combated at any price. It’s just a natural process.

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