Ronron therapy: cats have healing power thanks to purring

Felines are characterized by the possession of a very characteristic vocalise: purring. This deaf and regular noise emitted by your cat in particular possesses various virtues which the man can generally benefit by a technique called the purring therapy. All the individuals of the family of the felids have the faculty to emit this particular sound: domestic cats well heard but also tigers, panthers and wild cats.

Did you know that ancient Egyptians worshiped cats very much?

Undoubtedly, these civilizations celebrated and glorified openly the values ​​of cats. It can be assumed that they worshiped cats through their art, culture, and way of life. This information is well known, but most people have often wondered about their reasoning behind this unusual behavior. Not many people have speculated, but it’s just that we have not been able to adequately test these assumptions.

Is it possible that the ancients knew something that could have been missed? A closer look suggests that it could probably be the case!

Current research findings have led us to rediscover many key factors. These points correspond primarily to the mystery of this “affectionate behavior for small cats” and it turns out that, the most important element could most likely be hidden in a uniquely produced self-healing ability, which is shown to through all the felids.

Ronron therapy: Cats have a healing power thanks to purring:

How do we know that cats have “healing powers ..? “

New studies have provided evidence that the purring of the cat actually acts as a therapeutic device, not only to regenerate the body, but also to fortify the elastic sizes. Purring has been shown to significantly speed up the recovery of their bones and organs while significantly increasing their density in the process. These findings indicate that the moderately accepted belief that cats only purr when they are happy may very well be a misconception.

Another reason for this may be the fact that the observation has shown that cats also purr in other less pleasant circumstances, such as when they are injured, frightened or at birth. This suggests that purring would certainly play an evolutionary role as a kind of survival mechanism. Many cats in ancient times often received admiration and were therefore deified, for their miraculous ability to resist evil and even to reduce an excessively severe impact. Regular events like these have probably been attributed to the inspiration of the myth “all cats have nine lives” which we have heard so much about!

Ronron therapy: cats have healing power thanks to purring

How did this influence the story?

Through further investigation and analysis we can assume that many societies of the past applied the same use of vibratory healing, much like our feline friends. It is very likely that similar sound therapy techniques were inspired by the feline genre and used by Egyptians for medical use.

The sistrum, was a sacred percussion instrument in ancient Egypt. (Perhaps at the origin of the worship of the cat goddess Bastet,) the Egyptian priestesses ritually used the sistrums, which as we know now, generate a lot of ultrasound. Ultrasound is an effective healing modality, and is used today in hospitals and clinics.

Some levels of ultrasound may even treat life-threatening conditions such as cystic fibrosis and various forms of cancer. This means that it is quite possible that the ceremonies in which many sistrums were used, were not only used to improve the musical atmosphere, but were probably primarily intended to amplify the healing effect.

How can we use this knowledge?

This kind of alternative medicine is very useful for repairing, restructuring and realigning our vital systems. Whether in the technological or biological form, these studies demonstrate that the future of this music therapy will be appropriate for modern medicinal treatment methods. These treatments have qualities to relieve and have effects of energy massages to reduce pain by re-energizing the body despite its complex level

It could also be a reason why the specific techniques that include the mantra have been taught and implemented in the practice of meditation. The word “mantra” is actually a Sanskrit term that accurately translates the expression “the tool of the spirit.” A mantra is a vibration of the powerful sound, a bit like a sistrum, or even more like the purr of a cat. Moreover, it suggests that it would be even more advantageous to experiment with different expressions of meditation, to better understand how each of these tones could rejuvenate and strengthen the body.

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