Romantic relationships: the best are the ones you do not expect.

And then, a person comes out of nowhere, unexpectedly, during a situation or a moment that you could not predict, and even before you realize, love suddenly arrives in your life and upset everything.

You can not deny this fire in your mind that makes you lose the pedals, these butterflies in your belly invade you.

It happens to you like that, for no reason.

Because it just had to happen, like gravity.

This person attracts you without you doing anything else other than giving in and letting go.

And it is precisely at this moment that you will be most surprised, because this relation does not belong to any box of preconceived ideas which you had about the relations, and especially of the love.

Like all love relationships, she has her little flaws, her little worries, which require work, effort and involvement from both partners.

But you know deep inside you, you know that this relationship is different, that it’s really what you want in your subconscious.

Of course it’s nice to get and live what we want, but the moments we remember most in our lives are those that we did not even suspect for a moment to live.

The best love relationships are the ones we did not expect to find at this point in our life, at this roundabout of happiness we had never visited, because we did not know about their existence.

The best relationships are as well.

And they exist true, even if you have not yet experienced it, even if you doubt it …

These relationships are surely the best, the strongest, and even more intense than in our wildest dreams, more powerful than anything we had thought or imagined, because they are unexpected, and magical.

They are a real good surprise and a gift of life, of destiny that conspires to offer us what is most real and spontaneous, which conspires to give us what is most beautiful and most wonderful, because these relations arise when we least expect them.

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