Revolutionary invention: a glass of salt water for 8 hours of light!

SALt is an incredible lamp that can stay on for 8 hours in a row with a simple glass of salt water! The creators are planning to adapt this innovative solution to the Philippines, especially for coastal populations who are not always supplied with electricity. This system would not only illuminate them in case of emergency or natural disaster, but also recharge their mobile phone with the integrated USB plug to the lamp. SooCurious invites you to discover more about this incredible device.

The Philippines is made up of almost 7000 islands, in most of them the inhabitants unfortunately do not have access to electricity. The goal of SALt is to provide a more efficient light source than the oil lamps and candles used by Filipinos for lighting. Its creators, Aisa Mijeno, Raphael Mijeno and Joefrey Frias, from the Philippines, have decided to distribute their lamps to Filipino indigenous communities because, working with pure seawater, this invention fits perfectly with these coastal communities.

The motivations are almost the same as for the development of GravityLight, the gravitational lamp that we talked about recently, except that the SALt requires only a little seawater …

Equipped with an electric battery, the SALt lamp uses an electrolyte solution, a glass of salt water to operate for 8 hours in a row. When both electrodes are placed in the electrolyte, the generated energy turns on an LED light. She would be able to light 8 hours a day for 6 months by filling it with water and salt daily and changing the battery every 6 months. This operation is a considerable improvement compared to the kerosene lamp which requires constant refills. Also equipped with a USB socket, this lamp can illuminate but also recharge a mobile phone at the same time. An emergency solution in case of natural disaster

There are no materials or components inside the lamp that could cause a fire unlike kerosene lamps. By using a non-toxic solution, this innovative lamp is totally environmentally friendly, making the whole system safe and harmless. In addition, the Philippines is regularly affected by natural disasters. Thus, in case of typhoon or earthquake, a regular supply of food, drinking water and light source is essential. This solution could therefore become an indispensable remedy for the country.

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