Relieve your foot pain in minutes thanks to these 5 very effective exercises!

When a part of your body hurts, the pain can spread. Have you ever had a pain that starts at the foot and ends up going up all the way down your leg? If so, these exercises will be of great help to you.

Why do you hurt your feet?

The origin of the pain may be due to several reasons: arthritis, onions, overlapping toes, athlete’s foot (mushrooms), parrot’s beak, corns, ingrown toenails …

The functioning of your body would be linked to your feet; Chinese reflexology says that feet are the source of your health. In addition, there are several detox foot baths, which have been created on the same idea that your feet are best able to evacuate toxins.

Exercises to relieve feet

The best way to relieve foot pain is to stretch. It’s very easy and you will only need 5 minutes of your time. You can also do it by lunch, for example.

Exercise of toes raised

This exercise is very simple. Stand on your two feet and raise all your toes at the same time. Make sure your little toe is at the same height as the big one. Repeat this stretch five times for your two feet.

Exercise of raised toes

Just lower your big toe, and let the others line up. This exercise makes your feet more stable and stronger. Repeat 5 times.

Stretch your ankle

Tie a ball around the foot of a chair or table. Put the ball under your heel and press your toes against the ground. Repeat this exercise 15 times.

Rub your feet against a tennis ball

Place a ball under your feet (in turn) and roll it with light pressure. When you’re done, lean your foot so that your toes point to your knees and then stretch them down to the floor.

Foot pain

Toes and fingers

Sit with your legs outstretched in front of you, toes toward the ceiling. Lean forward and touch them with your fingers, then slowly go back.

If you have not been physically active for a while, these exercises can be difficult but do not get discouraged, you will soon take your pace.

Relieve your feet by improving your lifestyle!

Do yoga: This discipline is another good way to train your feet as most poses exert a (gentle) pressure on it.

Walk barefoot outdoors: This activity is very beneficial for your health. Your feet are flexible and can cling to irregular surfaces.

Take a Foot Bath with Epsom Salt: This natural salt of magnesium and sulfate has detoxifying properties on your feet and can boost your magnesium intake.

Wear appropriate shoes: This may seem obvious but many women will have trouble because it means “goodbye heels”. You should also avoid shoes that choke your feet or are too tight.

Consult a doctor: If your pain persists after you have applied all these tips, you need to consult a specialist to look after your foot and help you regain strength and stability.

Never neglect the health of your feet, especially if you are diabetic, because the risk of gangrene is important. Look after them!

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