Reduce your pain (joints, legs and back) in one week with this wonderful drink

Muscular and joint pains are painful. Pain in the back, legs and joints are some of the most common complaints when people get older … but everyone is sometimes sensitive to the discomfort caused by body pains.

In general, when people have pain, they take painkillers. 50 million people take acetaminophen (eg Advil) every week. Not every month. Not every year. Every week .

Imagine how many other people take dangerous painkillers (eg, Vicodin, Oxycodone)? Well, you do not need to imagine because we have another statistic to share: 1.7 million. It’s not the number of people taking painkillers; this is the number of people who abused painkillers in 2007.

Be aware that we do not necessarily need a strong medicine to relieve pain. There are other alternatives to drugs that make many people dependent.

Fortunately, we are witnessing a kind of “awakening”, one that puts natural health in its proper place. We do not question traditional medicine, let us not forget that it has saved and / or prolonged countless lives. But why not take advantage of natural alternatives where possible?

Keep in mind that almost all types of physical pain may be due to a poor lifestyle choice. In addition, stress and poor posture can also cause various body pains. To avoid pain, it is necessary to have good posture and avoid unhealthy and dangerous activities.

Here is a wonderful, effective, fast and healthy recipe for pain relief – and there is no reason not to try.

Get rid of your pain (joints, legs and back) in a week thanks to this wonderful drink

If you can get Jell-O, you can do this cure. Because that’s all you need:

– 1 cup of water

– ½ cup of sugar or substitute

– 1 large box of Jell-O (or the generic variety, whatever)

– A container or a mold


– Filter 1 cup of water (for best results, use cold, filtered water) and boil.

– Mix the boiled water with the sugar or substitute and stir until dissolved. Pour into a glass or a mold.

– Mix half of the gelatin box in the mixture of boiled water and mix and store the rest tightly to avoid deterioration.

– Refrigerate until the mixture is gelled.

This mixture should be taken daily for about 30 days and on an empty stomach. After about a week, there should be a decrease in the pain felt. For more flavor, you can consider adding honey, juice or yogurt.

Why is this mixture effective for pain relief?

It’s pretty simple, really. Our bodies are composed of bone, cartilage, collagen and tendons. The consumption of gelatin (after digestion) can effectively decrease inflammation in these areas of the body. In addition, gelatin contains properties that are good for the immune system. The gelatin inflammation reducing properties are great for preventing painful conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

It is very important that the gelatin is well prepared. It is also important to seal the remains to prevent deterioration of the remaining gelatin. When the mixture starts to deteriorate, the properties that help reduce pain become worse; it is therefore important to keep the rest well. Jell-O and other prepared gelatin products have a shelf life of about two weeks, when the product is hermetically sealed and refrigerated.

Use the recipe above, which should last you two weeks. Repeat the process and take the recommended daily amount, again, on an empty stomach.

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