Recipe for a hot chocolate with incredible effects.

Hot chocolate is a must at breakfast. With turmeric, coconut oil and Maca, it will be much better! The chocolate is very good, especially if you want to avoid coffee. Make chocolate from natural ingredients instead of using the prefabricated mixing box is even better for health. The ingredients that we propose to add to this recipe will only do you good.

Turmeric is a spice that can be added to anything you eat. It has many health benefits. Turmeric is full of powerful medicinal properties. This plant contains curcumin, an active ingredient that offers many benefits to the body.

Coconut oil is an ideal ingredient for many dishes. The uses of coconut oil are not limited to cooking. But for this recipe, coconut oil is a big plus, as it has many health benefits in addition to having a great taste. With this oil, you will enjoy its benefits, and can make your drink even more delicious.

Maca also has many advantages. Also called “Peruvian ginseng”. Its benefits have been evaluated for many years. The taste of this powder may seem a little strange at first, but you will get used to it after a while. The addition of coconut oil will balance the taste.

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