Purslane: a weed, or plant that enhances health?

Purslane, also known as Portulaca oleracea, is considered a common weed by many and it can even grow in your garden right now without you wanting it. It was first grown in India and Persia and spread to the rest of the world. Some farmers or farmers tear it up and throw it with green waste and other weeds, while others grow it specifically for food. Purslane is an aesthetically appealing weed with fleshy leaves and often yellow flowers, but its health benefits are even more desirable.

These powerful seeds grow in many climates

Purslane seeds are so powerful that they can remain viable in the land for up to 40 years – and it’s a natural crop – without GMOs! It grows in a well-maintained garden and in arid climates, often just as well. This resistant plant offers similar benefits for our immune system and overall health.

Often referred to as “pork weed” (and it would certainly be better for your hogs than some of the GMO seeds that many farmers use to feed their livestock), purslane contains more Omega 3 than many fish oils! This weed also has one of the highest levels of vitamin A of all green leafy vegetables (1320 IU / 100g, provides 44% of RDAs). Foods rich in Vitamin A can help protect us from many types of cancer and help improve eye health.

Powerful antioxidant

In addition, this plant is rich in two types of betalain alkaloid pigments – reddish betacyanins and yellow betaxanthines, which are also antioxidants and antimutagens. Purslane are also vitamin C and B-complex vitamins, including riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, as well as carotenoids, trace elements such as iron, magnesium and calcium.

With all of these nutritional benefits and the large sums of money we spend on supplements to improve our health, it seems that this plant should be elevated from weed status to a daily health boosting food. Purslane brings together a powerful set of health, it’s obvious.

Purslane recipes

Tomato and purslane salad

Gazpacho post-stuffed anti-gasp with purslane (return of glane of summer)

Channa Kulfa ki Subzi – Wheat Purslane Sprout

PĂ©lardon mousse, with radish, Chioggia beetroot, sweet zucchini, purslane and basil

Japanese radish salad and purslane of yesterday

Purslane salad, Le Touquet rats and capers

Winter purslane salad – Clayton from Cuba – with turmeric and squash seeds

Winter vegetable salad with purslane and sunflower seeds

Spring rolls with grilled sardines & purslane

Purslane salad, cherry tomato and corn

Hot-cold grilled ceps, country tomato and purslane

Purslane salad and lemon vinaigrette

Purslane, so discreet, and yet

Purslane mussels, Espelette pepper and sherry cream

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